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Financial Freedom Tips

  1. I will Pay myself first.
  2. I will Budget Each Month & stick to it.
  3. I will never dip into savings to buy anything superfluous (electronics, games, cars, etc).  Cash flow is the only source of my spending.
  4. I will save and invest my yearly bonus.
  5. I will find at least 5 sources of alternative income, including: interest income, dividends, rental income etc.
    .......Interest Income, Rental Income, Business Income, Dividends Income, ???
  6. I will never let money control my life.  Instead, money will be my own personal servant named XYZ when I choose to retire.
  7. I will always value time over money and never be a penny wise and a pound foolish.
  8. I will never buy a car just to keep up with appearances.
  9. I will not buy a house that is more than me or my family need.
  10. I will not spend money just to spend it.
  11. I will remember how much money was wasted buying unnecessary and unwanted crap.
  12. I will live below – not within – my means.
  13. I will shun all debt
  14. I will stop all impulsive buying (Only make purchases I have planned)
  15. I will postpone my major buying decisions.
  16. And most important I will continually increase my knowledge of personal finance and money management.
  17. Financial Freedom Tips Financial Freedom Tips

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