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carotte   - ????
eolienne  - Energy
argent    - Economy
portevoix - Democracy
crayon    - Education

sauge onagre laitues ciboulette choux blettes
murier chou frisé basilic menthe fenouil
betteraves courgettes cassis groseilles oignons ail tomates
persil fraises artichauts pois mais

The sun is free
The wind is free
geothermal heat is free
this is a revolution when everyone can produce their own solar and wind at near zero marginal cost
fossile and nuclear energy is out

America is no more a democracy. It has become an oligarchy
Europe is no more a democracy. It has become an oligarchy

Do we have to disobey ?

What we have to do is obey higher law. And there are 2 sets of higher law
One law comes from the earth, the law of gaia, the law of diversity, the law that we must protect the earth.
and all theire ressources and all their gift.
And anything that comes in the way of our duty to the earth must not be cooperated with.
Because that is higher law that we must obey.

The second is the set of laws that comes from human rights from democracy, from our constitutions.
and any law that inteferes with being human, with our being fully free and independant must
also not be cooperated with.

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