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Duplicate content checker
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Duplicate content checker






Duplicate Content Tool : The duplicate content filter is used by search engines: it filters out those pages that are considered duplicates of the first relevant results served for a search key. This technology is designed to offer the best possible variety of results. So, how does the tool operate? It downloads the two web pages you ask it to analyze: it compares the two outputs looking for differences, then it gives you a percentual index that shows how many differences there are between the two pages.



Tool : http://www.dupecop.net/


Comment passer une page au copyscape en un seul clic

Limiter le duplicate content dans les annuaires Freeglobes

Eviter le duplicate content dans vos annuaires




Manual rewriting article is time consuming. To save time, we need to find a new solution to create unique content.


Other options includes :

- Manually swap paragraphs

- Include neutral sentences (see http://www.model-web.org/content-generator-blog-content-wizard)

- Concatenate multiple articles


This new solution will need to be validated with checking the duplicate content status.

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