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Don't ask "if" ... ask "how"!

I got home very late last night to see this e-mail from my son - we live in the same house, but he is 14 years old, so that is now his preferred mode of communication Don t ask -

i have decided that this is gonna be my car, i dont know how but somehow ...eventually :

You have no idea how proud that made me feel ...

To explain, let me give you some background:

I was a ‘late bloomer' in that I was always willing and able to work, and never stood in line for a handout ... but, I didn't really get hit by the entrepreneurial bug until my late 20's (even though I always had that vague "make my first million by 30″ idea in the back of my mind. Oh, I missed by about 15 years ... then retired at 49).

On the other hand, my son has had his own eBay business for about 2 years (off and on due to various accidental - and minor, in my opinion - account ‘oversights'); we are used to the idea of seeing packages on our doorstep in the morning (left by our son for the postman to deliver to his customers) and in the evening (packages left for my son, containing stock from overseas ... usually China).

Right now, he is instant messaging (i.e. in ‘live' conversation) with various suppliers in China looking for more genuine Bose headsets (he has just imported 2 at about $150 each).

Now, to put this in perspective:

- he was 12 when he started his business

- he researched and set it up totally on his own

- he found and negotiated with his own domestic and foreign suppliers (mainly communicating via e-mail)

- he downloaded Quicken (accounting software), integrated it with eBay's software, and worked out how to set it up (including opening balances)

- his allowance is twice his age (currently $28 per month) and easily outstrips that rate with his eBay profits per week

... and, he did all of this with NO outside help (I have no idea how to do ANY of this).

So, I am proud of my son, not just for his entrepreneurial spirit (he is self-starting 10 to 15 years before I did), but that he has discovered something important:

Don't ask "if" or "I wish I could have this car" ... ask, "HOW can I get this car"; as I said in my e-mail back to him  - I think I need to make an appointment in his busy schedule to speak to him about this Don t ask -

This car is WAY too powerful for you to drive until you are at least 25 years old ... but, after then, the world is your oyster (that means: go for it!) ...

BTW: You are asking the right question: How can I get this car? Not: IF I can get this car? Once you ask yourself HOW, your subconscious starts to work on providing the answer and eventually it will come! Good Luck!

Notice that I did NOT say " good boy, now rich dad will buy it for you" and, notice how he didn't ask? That's MY boy Don t ask

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