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Displaying affiliate product offers on your website : eBay, Amazon, Commission Junction, Avantlink...

Displaying affiliate product offers on your website eBay Amazon Commission Junction Avantlink...
Displaying affiliate product offers on your website eBay Amazon Commission Junction Avantlink... Displaying affiliate product offers on your website eBay Amazon Commission Junction Avantlink... Displaying affiliate product offers on your website eBay Amazon Commission Junction Avantlink... Displaying affiliate product offers on your website eBay Amazon Commission Junction Avantlink... Displaying affiliate product offers on your website eBay Amazon Commission Junction Avantlink... Displaying affiliate product offers on your website eBay Amazon Commission Junction Avantlink... Displaying affiliate product offers on your website eBay Amazon Commission Junction Avantlink...

The 100% free eBay auction script!
TWP Auctions is a free script to display eBay Partner Network affiliate auctions on your WordPress or PHP powered website. TWP Auctions can display auctions from all over the world using country codes (us, au, uk, etc…). It uses “nofollow” on all outbound links, and includes a blank “onmouseover” function that hides the rover link in the user’s status bar.

What’s new?
Version 3.0 now works with Dream Host, and many other hosts with CURL/PHP restrictions (PHP5 required).

Version 3 features:

* Compatible with WordPress
* Can be limited to specific countries using country codes
* Can be limited to specific categories
* Can be limited to specific eBay sellers
* All links are “nofollow”
* Option to open links in a new window
* Blank mouseover text to hide rover links in the status bar
* XHTML valid (depending on auction content)
* Backwards compatible with TWP Auctions 2.1
* 100% free!

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Sample eBay integration :



Amazon web service access

Amazon Associates Web Service (formerly Amazon ECS) offers a flexible view into the enormous amount of information that Amazon offers. By using this data in creative ways on your site, you can entice more visitors to purchase your merchandise. Your payoff comes when you tie in your Amazon Associates tag to each one of these purchases.



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The topics we'll be covering are:

  1. Getting your Amazon Associates tag and Amazon Web Services access key ID.
  2. Formulating your REST queries.
  3. Using your REST queries with PHP.
  4. Converting XML to PHP.
  5. Creating a shopping cart.
  6. Passing your Amazon Associates tag into the query.
  7. Examining a pre-built example, Simple Store.
  8. Looking at real-world examples of the web service.



Sample product :
Make your own ebook and software box covers
Posted in Software, on Feb 20th, 2008No CommentsNo Comments
I’ve been using CoverAction Pro for the last few days to create ebook covers and software boxes – it’s absolutely brilliant, and is really simple to use. What you get for your money ($97) is a huge selection of Photoshop actions that allow you to create high quality ebook covers, paperback covers, business cards, software boxes, CJ jewel cases, and DVD discs/covers.


phpZon Version 1.0 Has Been Officially Released
Published on 19th May 2009

phpZon Plugin for WordPress

For those of you who have been waiting for this I just wanted to let you know that phpZon has finally been released to the public as Version 1.0 as of this evening.

phpZon V1.0 comes in two forms, there is a WordPress plugin release and an API release. The API version allows you to build a website based around the Amazon affiliate program, it gives you a huge amount of flexibility but also is not for beginners.

The version for use with WordPress comes as a simple and easy to install plugin which allows you to add Amazon listings directly into your WordPress pages and posts using a single line of code in the same way as you would with phpOStock or phpBay .

The plugin has several features, the main ones include the following:

* Product features
* Full product descriptions
* Compact product descriptions
* Customer reviews
* Product groups
* Item list price
* Item sales price
* Item used price
* User ratings

In Addition

* Filter products which are currently unavailable
* Filter products which do not have images
* Choose between displaying small, medium or large product images
* Search engine friendly URL's

Because the phpZon plugin works in a similar way to both phpOStock and phpBay they are great to display products together on the same site to enable your website visitors to have even more choice when it comes to choosing a product to buy. Below is a screen shot of phpZon, phpBay and phpOStock all displayed together on one page, with some small template modifications to the 3 plugins they fit seamlessly together.

phpZon: Allows you to to add Amazon listings directly inside your WordPress posts and pages with a single line of code, you can choose to display a range of information from item name, price right down to reviews etc. It’s very simple and easy to use with any WordPress site.

ReviewAzon: Allows you to create, schedule and post entire posts with the information pulled from eBay using a powerful templating system. It also allows you to display related eBay listings, related Amazon items, Amazon accessories as well as many other things. You can also pull in all customer reviews if you wanted to and display them again using the powerful template system.

I own both plugins and I use both separately although I guess you could use them together. I personally don’t use the ReviewAzon plugin as an auto site building tool, I prefer to modify all product descriptions and post them how I want them.

If you want to build a Review site then I would go with ReviewAzon, if you want to add Amazon listings to a content/niche site then I would use phpZon.

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Displaying affiliate product offers in your Wordpress pages and posts is a fantastic way to monetize your websites. But displaying these offers easily and in an SEO friendly format was time consuming and "clunky" ... that is until now!

Using the Wizard plugins in conjunction with plugins such as phpBay and phpZon means that you can now display affiliate products in your Wordpress pages, posts and sidebar from:

* eBay (phpBay)
* Amazon (phpZon)
* Commission Junction (CJ Wizard)
* Avantlink (AP Wizard)
* Linkshare (LS Wizard)
* (OS Wizard)

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*** interesting

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I would love an easy amazon script that can make a store like this  inside a wordpress site. Does anyone know how this site is made

That website was made with associate-o-matic.
They have a free version which does not have as many features and will not work with wordpress and they have a paid version for about $100 plus a $20 a month license fee.
The paid version comes with a wordpress plugin, but i'm not sure how it displays the products.
I have used the program myself and feel it is a good option...
I still prefer Mr Rats script because of the control i have over every little line of code.
Plus it's free, that's always a big plus.
I have also had much better search engine results with Mr Rats script, although i have had a few associate-o-matic scripts that performed very well in the search engines.
It depends how much time you spend on link and content.

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Ref : Sample site using ebay :





Amazon Products Feed - Associates Script


This script was created to utilize Amazon's Web Services to provide a real-time listing of books or other items on your site that provide links for your visitors to purchase these items from Amazon US, UK, DE, JP, FR or CA, using your affiliate code. This script parses Amazon's XML feed to provide search results and bestseller listings in HTML for your visitors.



* Free ( as in beer ) - Open Source GPL license ( as in freedom ).

* Easy - put your associate id in the script and your affiliate store is fully stocked and ready to run.

* Simple - the script only requires that Perl be installed on your server.

* Cross-platform - versions of this script are known to be running on both Linux/Apache and Windows/IIS.

* Flexible - control the operation of the script through how you link to it.

* Customizable - change the look and feel of the results through simple HTML template files.

* Established - thousands of web sites are currently running their own Web store with this script.

* Multi-lingual - change the language by editing a simple text file. Currently known to be running on sites in English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

* Multi-national - works with,,,,, and

* Scalable - change a single setting to increase or decrease the cache size to trade between speed and disk space.

* Promotional - all of the searches are automatically cross linked throughout the results for suggestive selling.

* Efficient - many users have remarked how this script returns results faster then shopping directly at Amazon. Now it's even faster with cached results and prices that are updated hourly.

* Extensive - many ways to list the products you want. Browse all products, list selected products by ASIN, or search by many different methods. Even search for third party products by condition and ASIN or by seller.

* Reliable - the script has been programmed to not make any sales if it cannot find an Associate ID. So that we have done our best to ensure that you get credit for every sale.

* Safe - no URL input is directly used to access your server. All URL input is sanitized to deter hacking.



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