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Build a niche web site with keyword suggestions.

1. Get core/base/seed keyword at amazon.

Examples :
Tags :

2. Find long tail keywords using google suggest

Example :

3. Estimate keyword potential

- Retrieve informations : Search volume, top 10 competing pages with their Page Rank and backlinks, CPC

- Find weak/low competition keywords (less than 50000 competing sites for exact match, top 10 sites with PR2 or less)

- Make sure the selected keyword has "money potential" (CPC > $0,10)

4. Analyse competition for the keyword phrase selected

Get keywords used by top 10 sites using Google tools and giving competing sites as input :

Search-based Keyword Tool......

Keyword Tool.................................

5. Buid web site with found keyword

Numbers :

<50 000 competing pages on google with exact match

>100 search volume on GoogleKeywordTool

PR0-PR3 competition on top 10 google search

CPC>0,10 on GoogleKeywordTool


Ref :

2. Do Google search with keywords between quotes
Display competitors
3. Assess the quality of a keyword
Good keyword = High Volume search and Low competition
Good keyword should be > 1000 search volume
Good keyword should be < 10 000 competing page

Choosing A Topic For A Website

When I'm using the google adword tool, I usually opt for words and phrases that have CPCs higher than $1. This isn't a hard rule and I don't always stick to it but as a general rule it's useful. I also tend to try to find keywords that have 3,000 searches or more per month but again, this isn't something that I always stick to. Sometimes 10 hits per day is worth a lot if you get clicks that are worth $5. On the other hand, clicks that are worth $0.10 can really add up if you can get thousands of visitors per day.

Competition  :
weak competition (PR0, PR1, PR2) green,

medium difficulty (these are the PR3s and PR4s) (yellow)
too difficult (PR5+) red.

Introducing Keyword Sniping - Choosing The Right Keyword
Ref :

  1. They get searched for over 200 times per day (obviously the higher, the better). Wordze and Wordtracker both show you daily search volume.
  2. They have less than 1,000,000 competing pages (less is better). You can find this out by doing a search for your keyword in Google with quotes around it: “your keyword here”.
  3. They have some kind of value to an advertiser. (Anything that can be bought and sold has value, anything that has commissions has value). Some keywords will have more value than others.

Finding niches with potential

How much competition does your niche have?
After you find a niche or keyword with at least 100-200 searches a day, you will need to look at how much competition there is. To check your niche competition, do a phrase search in google for your keyword.

Let's say your niche is Nike Golf Clubs, do a phrase search by searching "Nike Golf Clubs" in goolge (with the quotations) and then look at the total number of pages on google for that phrase. That would be the bold number in the blue bar above the search results and below the search box.

"Nike Golf Clubs" reads "Personalized Results 1 - 10 of about 96,300 for "Nike Golf Clubs". (0.25 seconds)"

The only number I care about is the "96,300" as that is how many pages contain the phrase "Nike Golf Clubs"

You want to target a niche with less than 1 million results, but the fewer the better. Less than 500 thousand is good. Less than 100 thousand is really good.

So far so good. We have a niche that gets over 150 searches a day and has less than 100 thousand pages containing that phrase.

The 30 day challenge method in summary :

Keywords have a hierarchy. It can be defined in terms of traffic and/or
competition potential. The hierarchy in terms of competing pages (phrase matched)
is as follow:
- 1,000,000+ – market
- 100,000 - 1,000,000 – mega-niche
- 30,000 - 100,000 – niche
- < 30,000 – micro niche

So, in Thirty Day Challenge, your focus is preferably to find micro-niche keywords, which have less than 30,000 competing pages.
If you are really interested in a particular market and you can’t find any keywords that are less than 30,000 but you can find some of them in the range of 30,000 – 50,000 then you may relax the filter to that level.
Web page competition is just one major criterion. Another one is traffic. You want to be able to find keywords that have preferably more than 80 – 100 searches a day. That would be your initial goal.

30DC summary :

Research the market - find keywords with a potential to be profitable (adwords listings, competition, products)
Find an affiliate program
Create or page and optimize the title, desc. and the body
Market the heck out of it (use social marker or whatever to submit to multiple sites)
You'll get on the front page within 1-2 days or so if on phrase match there's less than 30-50.000 competing pages.
Wait to get minimum 200 aff. clicks and see if someone buys. The ideal number is 1000 or so.

During the Thirty Day challenge the target was keyword phrases with less than 30,000 competing pages and more than 200 searches per day. - GTRENDS KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL

Number of Competing Pages and Rankability: The "Other" Keyword Research Metric

Example :

Keyword Suggestion Rankbility Score Search Volume Competing Pages
cars dealerships 3.2673267% 9,900 303,000

car dealer ships 0.2918919% 5,400 1,850,000
car dealer software 0.0632411% 1,600 2,530,000

Double and Triple check keywords with others tools :

Wordtracker Keywords -Enter a starting keyword to generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume.

Free Search Term Suggestion Tool

Wordze :

Build a niche web site with keyword suggestions.

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