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Book review - The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale

Book review The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale Chapter 1 : Miracles never stop




Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. said, “ We all need an education in the obvious. ”

movies : The Secret, The Opus and The Leap.

If you would like the world to be happier, healthier, and
wealthier, begin by contributing one happy, healthy, and wealthy person to it: You.

What matters is you. Your happiness. Your health. Your healing.
Your well - being.


Chapter 2 : What's your Attractor Factor IQ ?




1. The target
Q1 : b
Q2 : b
Q3 : a
Q4 : a
Q5 : b

2. Positive Mental Attitude
Q6 : a
Q7 : a
Q8 : a
Q9 : a
Q10 : a

3. Faith and Inspired Action
Q11 : b
Q12 : a
Q13 : a
Q14 : a
Q15 : a

4. Thought Control
Q16 : b
Q17 : a
Q18 : b
Q19 : a
Q20 : b

5. Tools and Techniques
Q21 : a
Q22 : b
Q23 : b
Q24 : a
Q25 : b

Je vais bien et chaque jour je vais de mieux en mieux
I feel well and every days I feel better

You can attract things faster if you aren ’ t desperate
for them.

The key to attainment is Desire, Confi dence, and
Will. This key will open many doors. ”

The Law of Attraction has been around a lot longer,
of course. William Walker Atkinson wrote
about it in 1906 in his book, Thought Vibration

Chapter 3 : An Attractor Factor Case Study




Joe Vitale attracting a Sport Car




Chapter 4 : The truth about the law of attraction


What is the Law of Attraction? It ’ s the law that states the energy
you emit through your thoughts and feelings will attract corresponding
circumstances. In short, think good thoughts and attract good



To read : The Law of Success, all 1,500+ pages

Step 1. Don ’ t want —
Step 2. Do want —
Step 3. Get clear
Step 4. Feelings
Step 5. Let go as you take inspired action



Chapter 5 : The Proof - Testimonials...


Step 1: Know What You Don ’ t Want
I don't want to be far from my family


Step 2: Know What You Do Want
I want to spend time with my family and care about my parents

Step 3 : Get Clear
I will call my father and mother and talk about our next travel to Gorron
I will talk about the air balloon with my brother

Step 4 :
We are doing the air ballon trip with our father
kids are playing with my mother down there.
Our stay in Gorron in Gerard's house is fun with the trips to the see.

Step 5: Let Go



Chapter 6 : What are you dismissing


In the space below, write down things that may be trying to get
your attention, which you may have been dismissing
- my wife asking for longer vaction
- Mi asking for business JV
- Saying no to growing my business
- Saying no to meeting with friends to often



Chapter 7 : How to Attract Money




Evans says, “ Confusion is that wonderful state of mind right before
clarity. ”

Chapter 8 - It can be another way
It begins with knowing that “ It can be another way. ”
That ’ s what I want you to understand right now.
That no matter what is happening in your life,
no matter what you think will happen, it can be
another way.
The direction you appear to be headed can be altered.
Very little is set in concrete.

Write out a vision of how you would like your life to be :
I have the wisdom to enjoy life in the present.
I can live and feel I live at the same time.
I know how to keep myself happy at all time
I receive monthly revenues from my investments and
from my online businesses. (above 3K / months)
I stay healthy.
I spend time with my wife and help her to find her life purpose
I play with my kids and teach them the games of life.
I visit often my parents, brother and sister as I do not have to work at an office every days.
I build my own foundation for the future generations.
I can play piano and I enjoy flying with my kids.


Chapter 9 : A shortcut to Attracting Whatever you Want




Here’s the secret, what I call the shortcut to creating your life the way you want it: Be happy now.
That’s it. If you can be happy right now, in this moment, you will have achieved whatever you want.
Because underneath everything you say you want is the desire for happiness.
In 1917 Ralph Parlette wrote in his book, The Big Business of Life,
“ Whatever we do, we are doing it to be happy, whether we realize it or not. ”
You want a new car so you will be happy.
You want more money so you will be happy.
You want better health so you will be happy.
You want that loving or lusty relationship so you will be happy.
Happiness is your goal.

And here’s another secret: You don’t need to have anything else in order to be happy right now.
You can choose to be happy.

In the space below, write down some things you are grateful for.
Gratitude is a wonderful tool to appreciate the moment and activate the Attractor Factor.
The more you feel grateful, the more you attract new moments to be even more grateful.
What are you grateful for in this moment?
Thank you for the health I have
Thank you for my wife and kids
Thank you for my family relations
Thank for this good job
Thank you for this nice house
Thank you for these good cars
Thank you for the books I read



Chapter 10 : An introduction to the Attractor Factor




A friend and I were having lunch in my hometown, Niles, Ohio, one day.
I was there visiting my parents.
My friend wanted to know the key secret to manifesting your own reality and attracting more wealth.
I thought for a moment and then said:
“ The hardest concept for most people to grasp is that they are the sole reason they are
experiencing whatever they have in their lives. They are totally responsible. ”

"Spirituality is all about taking full responsibility for whatever occurs in your life"

Mind operates under its own conception of itself.  A.K. MOZUMDAR


Chapter 11 - What's your prosperity IQ ?




1. Do you secretly fear that if you became wealthy your family and friends might not like you anymore?
2. When you grew up, were you ever told things like, “We may not be rich, but at least we’re honest!”?
3. Did your religious upbringing teach you that it is noble to sacrifi ce now, and that your reward will come in the afterlife?
4. Did you (or do you) feel guilty when you started to earn more than your parents did?
5. Were you raised to fi t in and not do anything to stand out?
6. Did you grow up liking shows like Dallas, Dynasty, Gilligan’s Island, MASH, and The Beverly
Hillbillies, where rich people were always presented as unscrupulous and conniving, or
pretentious and bumbling?
7. Do you have chronic health challenges that doctors can’t seem to solve?
8. Did you ever get jealous of people with expensive clothes, cars, and houses—which
may have led you to develop a subconscious “hate the rich” mentality?
9. On some level, do you think it is somehow noble, romantic, or spiritual to be poor?
10. Did you ever end a negative relationship—then immediately replace it with another
one with a person just like the last one?
11. Have you sometimes used judgmental expressions like “poor as a church mouse,”
“fi lthy rich,” or “obscenely wealthy”?
12. Have you ever made excuses for failure by saying things like “you have to have money
to make money,” “you have to know someone,” or “you have to get in at the top”?
13. Do you relish being the underdog and fi ghting against the odds all the time?
14. Is it possible that you are experiencing health challenges, fi nancial challenges, or business
failures in order to evoke sympathy and attention from the people you are close to?
15. Are you in a stable relationship? Do you have enough money to meet your needs? Are
you basically healthy? Despite all this, do you feel like life is passing you by?


Chapter 12 - Step One - The springboard



Socrates ’ Advice
I love this story, attributed to Socrates, on how to handle negative people.
One day, a man rushed up to Socrates, saying, “ I have some news to tell you! ”
Socrates put up his hand to stop the excited man.
“ First let me ask you three questions, ” Socrates said.
“ Ah, er, okay, ” said the man.
“ Is the news you are about to tell me something you personally know to be true? ”
“ Well, no, ” replied the man. “ I heard it from a good source, though. ”
“ Then let ’ s go to the second question, ” Socrates said. “ Is the news you want to tell me about someone you know personally? ”
“ Well, no, ” the man said. “ But I think you know the person. ”
“ I see, ” said Socrates. “ Then let me ask you my fi nal question.
Is this news positive or negative? ”
“ Well, it ’ s negative. ”
“ Let me see, ” said the wise Socrates. “ You want to tell me some news that you don ’ t know personally to be true, about someone you
don ’ t know at all, and that is negative. ”
“ Well, it sounds bad when you put it like that. ”
“ I think I ’ ll pass, ” Socrates said.


Below, write down some of the things you typically complain about. These are your “ don ’ t wants ”
and they ’ ll come in handy in the next step :

I do not want to live with regrets
I do not want to be far from my family
I do not want to loose my peace of mind
I do not want to miss time with my wife and kids


Chapter 13 : Step Two : Dare Something Worthy




- I want to better enjoy life and the passing time. To live and feel I live at the same time
- I want to help grow my wife and childrens
- I want to create a foundation that will be needed and that will help people in a small and essential way
- I want to be able to create a passive business
- I want to learn music to learn a new form of communication
- I want to better control my peace of mind adding some time strong happiness

“ The most important part of prayer is what we feel, not what we say. We spend a great deal of time telling God what we
think should be done, and not enough time waiting in the stillness for God to tell us what to do. ”
-  Peace Pilgrim

One thing you ’ ll learn in this book is that your mind can be directed to fi nd answers for you.
When you ask questions — such as “ How can I become the world ’ s fi rst trillionaire? ” —
your mind begins a search - and - find mission. Your question directs it to fi nd a solution.
“ I don ’ t want this headache ”
“ I want a clear head. ”

“ I don ’ t want to struggle in my business ”
“ I want business to come to me easily and effortlessly. ”

As Deepak Chopra wrote in his book,
The Spontaneous Fulfi llment of Desire, “ All we really need is clarity of intent.
Then if we can get the ego out of the way, the intentions fulfi ll themselves. ”

Take the complaints you wrote in the last chapter and turn them into statements of intent:

I do not want to live with regrets
become : I want to live fully with full awareness and kindness to others

I do not want to be far from my family
become : I want to visit my family every months or two. I want to phone every weeks and prepare for common activities

I do not want to loose my peace of mind
become : I want to have a passive income business that let me find my own way and the best way also for my family

I do not want to miss time with my wife and kids
become : I want to share moments with each members every days (playing, reading stories, eating together)

What are my excuses :
- I can't because I don't have enough time
- I can't because my wants can change

There is always a way
- outservice content creation
- follow your wants to discover if they are real

- FInish the 300 sites
- Start backlinking campaigns

Leave your excuses behind, and you will begin to attract wealth.
Leave your excuses behind, and you can achieve success, too.
Leave your excuses behind, and your life will begin to soar.

To paraphrase the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung,
“ Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate. ”

Even though you may think you know what you want, you may have to probe deeper to discover what you really want.

So, what do you want?
What would make your heart sing?
What would make you dance in the streets?
What would make you smile right now thinking about it?
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
What would you want — if you could have anything?
Write your answers here:
- I want passive income to live life fully.
- Spend time with my kids, my wife, my family, visit my parents more often.
- search my life purpose and get closer to true wisdom.
- Help other to become financially free and find their true purpose.

To read : Ask and You Shall Receive
I picked up Ask and You Shall Receive, a book by physicist Pierre Morency.
It ’ s a quick read but a stimulating one. Pierre says you must ask for what you want.
Asking gives you focus and directs the energy of the universe to help manifest it with you.
The cover of the book asks, “ What did you ask for when you got up this morning? ”

I love the question and am now asking it every morning when I awaken.
It ’ s now my breakfast.
Another question in the book can help you fi nd your passion. Morency asks:
“ What would you do if you possessed all the money in the world?
What would you do if you could make money appear by simply snapping your fingers?
What would you do once you owned 12 houses, made 14 exotic trips, and bought 28 luxury cars? ”
That ’ s the kind of question my mentors ask in my Miracles Coaching program.
How would you answer it?
Your answer is a major clue to your calling. Write it down here:
Build residual income while helping people.
Experience peace of mind, Live life 200% and help others to do the same.

The only thing you need to be aware of is what the Buddhists call “ hungry ghosts.
” These are desires that run you, rather than you running them.
A desire for new shoes when you have many pair and don ’ t need more might be a hungry ghost.
A desire for more property when you have plenty might be a hungry ghost.
Desire for more food when you just ate might be a hungry ghost, too.
“ The hungry ghosts are driven by intense neurotic craving, ” writes
Dominic Houlder in Mindfulness and Money.
“ Neurotic, because the craving they experience is often the displaced desire for something
else — something they are not consciously aware of. ”

Desire is good. It is what motivates you to get up, to live, to work, to grow, to love.
It ’ s built into your human system. You can use desire to transcend desire.
But you also have to watch the mind.
It can be like a wild monkey, telling you to get this and now that and never letting you have any peace.
You want to watch the hungry ghosts.
You want to honor the desires welling up from deep within you, the wishes that are from your core.

The point is, you can attract virtually anything you want.
But the question remains, do you want your goals like a spoiled child in a candy store or a wild monkey drunk on power,
or do your desires come from the essence of who you are?

Now, I focus on joyfully creating books, courses, and audio recordings that bring me residual income
while helping people.

What does the person within you want? Write it here :
The little person does not really know.
In his mind, there is peace of mind, family, parents, online business and passive income, time, wisdom

Isn ’ t it time? What do you really want?
I want peace of mind,
I want to have quality time with my wife and kids
I want to visit ofth my family, parents
I want to build online business that will bring passive income and help other at the same time
I want to enjoy time and live it fully
I want to learn what is wisdom, how to use it and how to share it

study by author Brian Tracy revealed that people who simply wrote
down their wants and put the list away, discovered a year later that
80 percent of what they wrote came to be. Write down your wants!
I want :
1. I want Passive income from online businesses bringing 1500/month
2. I want Passive income from investments bringing 1500/month
3. I want to share moments each day with each of my kids and with my wife
4. I want to visit my parents and relatives at least once every two months
5. I want to have the power to be available if someone require my help
6. I want to learn wisdom, to use it and share it
7. I want to play piano
8. I want to fly

You see, there really isn ’ t any shortage in the world.
The universe is bigger than our egos and can supply more than we can demand.
Our job is to simply and honestly ask for what we want, without wanting to harm or control another person.
Never ask for a specifi c person or for a specifi c person to do something.
Allow the universe, the power in everything, to arrange the right person, place, and time.
Your job is to state your intention.

Write down what would be even better than what you have already stated you want:
I want 6000 euros passive income to allow my wife and kids and myself some extra pleasures
such as travels, restaurants and also to give to people in need.
2500 euros for frugal living, the rest for pleasure and giving.

Now write down one goal or intention, something that you would really like to have, do, or be.
In the space below, write down the most powerful intention you can:
A. I want 4000 euros passive income in 1 year to be ready to take care after my elderly parents.

Here ’ s the next step : Write your intention as if you already have it.
I earn 4000 euros passively every months. My business can continue without me being present.
I can take care of my parents, be a good father and a good husband at the same time.

With the vert Choose :
I choose to earn 4000 euros passively every months. My business can continue without me being present.
I choose to take care of my parents, be a good father and a good husband at the same time.
I choose to continue my quest for practical wisdom for all
This or something better.

The real secret to getting whatever you want is to want without need.

there ’ s an easier, better, more magical, and even miraculous way to go through life.
I explain this in Zero Limits, where I say there are three stages of awakening :

Stage One:
In the first stage you are a victim.
We’re all born into it and most of us stay there.
With coaching or the right books or the right movies, you one day break free.

Stage Two:
In the next stage you realize you have more power than you ever thought before.
In this stage intentions are fun and exciting and useful.
You aim your life where you want it to go.
It’s exhilarating to manifest things like new cars or a new house or anything else you can imagine.
But there’s a stage after that.

Stage Three:
In the third stage you realize you have choice but you don’t have control.
You realize you don’t have all power. This is where you surrender.
This is where you can receive inspiration from something greater than your ego awareness.

You have a goal or intention that is coming from deep within you. It may scare you.
I will create a business that will archive and teach the best practices in life. Practical wisdom for all.
This business will provide me with a passive income of above 4K/mo and let me share time
with people that count (kids, spouse, parents, family and friends).

Prosperity is the ability to do what you want to do at the instant you want to do it.


Chapter 14 - Step Three: The Missing Secret


What new beliefs would you like to install? Write them here:
I can be happy wherever I am, Whenever


Karol Truman, author of the great book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die . . . , put it this way:
“ It ’ s the continual suppression of unresolved feelings and emotions
that cause the problems we experience in our lives. ”
I can hear you now: “ How can I get out of this pattern? ”

“ People are starving to learn how to fi nd peace, ” Bill told me when I went to his Houston suite. “
But they keep looking outside of themselves and blaming people or circumstances for how they feel.
That ’ s not how life works. ”


On the first sheet, describe the negative condition you are in.
Describe the picture of the situation as it is now, and really feel the emotions associated with it.
This probably won ’ t feel great. But you want to get into that feeling, because the more you feel it, the more
you will release it. In other words, whatever emotion you suppress will sooner or later need to be expressed.
While it ’ s suppressed, it ’ s clogging up your inner vibration.
Release it, and you free your energy to go out and attract what you want.
Let your feelings come to the surface as you describe this situation or condition that you don ’ t want.
You can write it here if you like:
- I sometimes feel life is not worth living. what's the point when we see relatives dying from age or illness.
- I feel so sad sometimes when I'am filled with melancolie and nostaligia
- I feel I won't give to my kids a good enough childhood time as I had myself in the past.
- I feel too far from my parents, brother, sisters, family and friends.
- I sometimes feel like I've already lived the best time of my life.
- Sometimes my memories from the past hurt me because I remember the good time and at the same
time, I see that some people are not there anymore.
Now put that fi rst sheet aside.
Take the second sheet, and begin to write out how you want the situation or condition to be.
Get into the joyful feeling associated with having or doing or being the thing you desire.
Really immerse yourself in this good energy.
Describe the situation the way you want it to be, and paint this wonderful picture so completely that you can
feel it as you write it.
Just as you wanted to experience the negative emotion so that you could release it,
you now want to experience the positive emotion so you can create a new picture to anchor in your
The more you can fall in love with this new image and these new feelings, the faster you will manifest them.
You can write it here if you like:
I'have been able to achieve financial independance. The fact that I'am earning 5K a month
passively allow me to travel at many places. I can stay with my parents and family for an extended period of time .
(Like 5 days per month). I know I will be able to assist them fully if they need it as they age.
I can spend some dedicated time with each of my kids and with my wife.
We also can gather for family parties.
In my free time I can enjoy growing my online businesses and growing my financial portfolios.
I'am also able to help others in having success in online business and financial education.
I'have started a foundation that provide knowledge about practical wisdom.
I care about my health and thank god for every days I live.


Book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World.
It ’ s a collection of quotes from Byron.
Here ’ s one:
“ There ’ s no suffering in the world;
there ’ s only a story that would lead you to believe it.
There ’ s no suffering in the world that ’ s real. ”

Spirit, please locate the origin of my feeling/thought of feeling negative about
(insert the feeling or belief you want to release here)
Spirit, please locate the origin of my feeling/thought of feeling negative about my life
Take each and every level, layer, area, and aspect of my being to this origin.
Analyze and resolve it perfectly, with God ’ s truth.
Come forward in time, healing every incident based upon the foundation of the first, according to God ’ s will;
until I ’m at the present, filled with light and truth, God ’ s peace and love, forgiveness
of myself for my incorrect perceptions, forgiveness of every person, place,
circumstance, and event which contributed to this feeling/thought.
to this feeling/thought.
With total forgiveness and unconditional love I delete the old from my DNA, release it, and let it go now! I feel
(insert the way you want to feel here)
peaceful and joyfully happy !!
I allow every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problem, and inappropriate behavior based on the old feelings to quickly
Thank you, Spirit, for coming to my aid and helping me attain the full measure of my creation.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you and praise God from whom all blessings flow.

New and improved version of the Script.
She said this was even more powerful than the previous one.
Here it is:
Spirit/Super - Conscious, please locate the origin of my feeling(s)/
thought(s) of sad nostalgia and melancholia  .
Take each and every level, layer, area, and aspect of my Being to this origin.
Analyze and resolve it perfectly with God ’ s truth.
Come through all generations of time and eternity, healing every incident
and its appendages based on the origin. Please do it according
to God ’ s will until I ’ m at the present — fi lled with light and truth,
God ’ s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions,
forgiveness of every person, place, circumstance, and
event which contributed to this/these feeling(s)/thought(s).
With total forgiveness and unconditional love, I allow every
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problem, and inappropriate
behavior based on the negative origin recorded in my DNA, to transform.
I choose Being happy  .
I feel the richness.of memories
I am enjoying the feelings of nostalgia and melancholia .
(Basically, use the same appropriate positive feeling/s for each
blank line, to replace the negative feeling/s.)
It is done. It is healed. It is accomplished now! Thank you,
Spirit, for coming to my aid and helping me attain the full measure
of my creation.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you and praise God
from whom all blessings flow.

We learn the lessons in life we are to learn two ways:
either through obedience to natural laws
or through suffering the consequences of not observing those laws . . . .
None of us consciously create the suffering we experience.


Chapter 15 - Step Four : Nevillize yout Goal


Neville ’ s great contribution to the science of attracting your own
reality was the idea that you must fi rst feel the thing you want as if
you already had it. I call this Nevillizing your goal.
In one old book I have by Neville, he signed it with the phrase
“ Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. ”
That ’ s the key.
That ’ s the secret.
You have to learn how to “ Nevillize Your Goal ” by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfi lled.
Begin right now by answering the question, “
What do I want to have, do, or be? ”
Write it down:
I want to have peace of mind, have health and wealth
I want to care for my relatives. Kids, Wife, Parents, Family, Friends.
I want to be an authority in online business and practical wisdom.


Now, get into the feeling of having already accomplished it.
In other words, if your goal is to make $ 200,000 in sales this year, what
does that feel like when you consider already having achieved it ?
You assume the feeling of that intention already fulfi lled.
What would it feel like to have what you want right now?
I live life 200%. That is nice to feel healthy and wealthy.
I thank god every days for letting me caring after other people in need.

What are you grateful for?
I am grateful for my health, my wife, my kids, my parents, my family, my good memories,
for a job I like in a good company, for my future project of online businesses, financial portfolio and practical

Jonathan got double pneumonia. Nothing seemed to help him.
Then, he felt inspired to write down one simple but potent sentence
that he repeated every hour, recorded on audiotape and played back to
himself, and wrote on signs that he hung around his home.
He made this one - liner part of his very being.
And within 24 hours, Jonathan was healed.
What was the one line he used?
“ Thank you, God, for all the blessings I have and for all the blessings I am receiving. ”
I ’ m not a scientist, so I won ’ t pretend to explain how this works.
Somehow, your energy sends off signals that attract more of what
you are sending off. Change your signals, and you will change your
results. Change your energy, and you will change what you experience.
“ The energy you give out is the results you get. ”

Thank you, I am grateful for my health, family, possessions (cars and houses).
I am grateful for the project I'am engaged in.
I am grateful for the concioussness and knowledge I have received.

Another energy you want to experience is the energy that comes
from imagining what it will feel like to have, be, or do the thing you
want. This can be fun.
Imagine how good it will be to have what you want, to be what
you want, to do what you dream. Feel the electrifying feelings that
come with the images. These feelings can create the life you want.
They can manifest it for you. Somehow, those feelings lead you,
guide you, direct you to do the things that will make the events.
The great German thinker Goethe may have said it best when he
wrote the following inspiring message:

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy,
the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.
Concerning all acts of initiative there is one elementary truth,
the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and endless plans:
That the moment one definitely commits oneself,
then providence moves, too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.
A whole stream of events issues from the decision,
raising in one ’ s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and
material assistance which no man could have dreamed would come his way.
Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it!
Boldness has genius, power,and magic in it.

When you know what you want, all you really have to do is think it and feel it.
That ’ s it. The universe — the spirit of all that exists — will pick up your signal and project it.


Write Your Future
One wonderful technique to help you in this area is called scripting.
I fi rst heard of this method from my longtime friends Jerry and Esther Hicks.
I later learned that Neville had taught it decades earlier.
The concept is deceptively simple.
Just imagine that you already have what you want and write out a scene that describes it.
Describe it in such detail that you can feel it.
Pretend you are a movie director, and write a script for what you want to experience.
Really get into it as you write it. Feel it. Sense it. Experience it.

“ First, have a dream, and by a dream I mean a daydream, a gloriously wonderful daydream.
Then ask yourself, ‘ What would it be like if it were true that I am now the man I am dreaming I would like to be.
What would it be like? ’ Then catch the mood of the wish fulfilled and drench yourself with that feeling. ”

Now, choose what you want to experience.
Whatever it is, write up a description of it, as if it already happened. Instead of writing,
“ I want a customer to call me with a big order, ”
you write, “ A brand new customer just called and ordered $ 5,000 worth of product from
me. I feel fantastic! The call came a few minutes ago.
I ’ m still smiling about it, as the customer was a delight to work with.
The customer even gave me his credit card and I ’ m running it right now. ”

That feels good to have financial independance with passive income.
That 4K a month really help to spend more time with my kids and wife.
I can walk with them to shool. I can help them with their homework. I can teack them some life tricks.
Twice a month, I can go to the restaurant with my wife.
Also I can see my parents and family every months.
Sometimes I stay 4/5 days in Gorron to help my mother and father with daily routine.
I've stayed quite busy with the online business that runs and with the joint ventures I continue to make.
I keep an eye on our portfolio to make sure it grows as planned/
I have the time to create my foundation about practical wisdom.
I work at giving this foundation a sincere desire to serve people.


1. We meet, and he asks me what I want.
This is the “ setting the intention ” stage.
Once you decide on your outcome, the rest almost falls into place.
So, Jonathan always began by focusing on your desire.
1. What do you want ?
I want passive income of 4K/month in less than 5 years so that I have time to care about  my children,
wife and parents. The passive income will come from online businesses and financial portfolio.

We then focus on what is in the way of achieving my desire.
Obviously, this is the “ getting clear ” stage of the process.
Jonathan used his verbal skills to help me recognize what was blocking me from my success.
2. What ’ s in the way of your success ?
I must perservere every days to work 2hours+ to go forward step by step.

3. We then channel energy to the intention.
In other words, since we had a target, and we had identifi ed and cleared everything
blocking the pathway to manifesting it, we now basically sent energy to the goal through us.
3. How can you receive energy or increase your energy to help you achieve success ?
I can visualize the result. I can make a dashboard to follow the evolution.

1. Decide on what you want.
2. Get clear of anything in the way of having the goal.
3. Bring energy into your body while holding your intention in mind.

This is easier than it may fi rst appear.
All you have to do is breathe.
As you breathe in, imagine the air is energy.
See it travel into your body and to the achievement of your desire.
Much of Chi Kung relies on you using your mind while you breathe and move your body.
That ’ s what I ’ m asking you to do here.
In your mind, see your goal. Maybe you see it already accomplished.
Maybe you can ’ t see the goal, but you know on some level what it looks like when it ’ s complete.
Go there. Use your mind to experience your intention.

as William E. Towne wrote in 1920,
“ A thought is powerful only when it is backed by feeling. Feeling gives thought its reactiveness.
To merely make an affi rmation of what you desire, without faith or feeling, will accomplish little. ”

The whole process of mental, spiritual, and material riches may be summed up in one word: Gratitude.



Chapter 16 - Step Five : The Ultimate Secret



Here ’ s a secret that may surprise
you: When you want something, but can live without having it, you
have upped the odds of your having it.
This is one of the ironies of life. As long as you are playfully
desiring something, but not addicted to having it, the universe will most likely quickly bring it to you.
But as soon as you say, “ I must have this, ” you begin to push it away.
Because you are sending out an energy to repel what you say you want.
Because you are focused on need and not in the moment.
Because you haven ’ t learned the ultimate secret, Step Five: Let Go.


Your job is to ask for what you want, and then to act on the
inner nudges you get to do things, like make phone calls, write letters,
visit a certain person, or whatever. Bob Proctor, in his wonderful
book, You Were Born Rich, puts it this way:
“ Learn to follow the quiet voice within that speaks in feelings
rather than words; follow what you ‘ hear ’ inside, rather than what
others may be telling you to do. ”

The universe itself will act to move you to what you want, and
move what you want to you. All you have to do is let go, while acting
on your inner prompts. Let go of fear, doubt, worry, disappointment,
and any other negative emotion that might make you feel low.
The famous poet and sage Rumi wrote something that may
help you here: “ Some things that don ’ t happen keep disasters from
happening. ”
Think about it. What you ’ re being asked to do is trust. Trust that
when something happens, it ’ s good; and trust that when something
you want doesn ’ t happen, it ’ s good, too.

The trick to manifesting whatever you want is to trust that whatever
you get is what you wanted to manifest in the fi rst place.
You attracted it.
The more you can understand this balance of wanting
and allowing, or desiring and letting go, the more you will be happy in every moment.

“ Some things that look like they are in our best interest are
often not going to serve us when we see the big picture. We have
to trust and let go, realizing that everything that happens is for our
highest good. ”

BOOK : A Lifetime of Riches, the biography of Napoleon Hill,
the author of the classic book Think and Grow Rich.

Turn it into something good.

taking the so - called negative experiences in life and turning them into something good.
I call this TIISG. It stands for Turn It Into Something Good.

You have the ability to do this. It ’ s a choice.
No matter what happens, take a breath and ask,
“ How can I turn this into something good? ”

The question redirects your mind.
Instead of looking at the problem, you are now looking for solutions.
This is a brilliant way to learn how to operate your own brain.
You become the master, not the slave, of your life.

It all begins with the basic TIISG question: “ How can I turn this into something good? ”
The answer will bring you new choices, happiness, and may lead to wealth you never dreamed of before.
Just remember TIISG.
What is bothering you right now that you can turn into something good?
- I want more light in my house
- My parents get older and I'll be happy to visit them more often.
When I'll be financially independant I'll have the power to stay with them if they require.

one idea that I got from Bob ’ s course that I want to give you
right now is this quote: “ Everything that happens in your life is moving you in the direction of your goals. ”
Now think about this. That statement says that everything, without
fail, without exception, is moving you toward your dreams.
So if something happens that you feel is bad, remember that it happened to move you forward.
Your job is to fi nd the positive in the negative, or at least to trust that there is a positive there, even if you
can ’ t see it at the moment.
This might be tough to accept, at fi rst. But the truth is, it is an enlightened way of living your life.

the great goal of life is to awaken.


Step One. Set an intention.
An intention is your declaration about your dream, or goal, that you want to be, do, or have.
This is your request of your subconscious, unconscious, and the universe itself.
The clearer your intention, the better your results.

I want to be financially free in 4 years with 3K/month so that I can care for my kids and parents.
from online businesses, finance portfolio.
And have the time to develop practical wisdom.
(Set up a World database of life purposes, statement of intentions)

Step Two. Follow your hunches. Watch the signals. Listen to your
intuition. If you get a desire to make a plan of action, so be it. Do it.
But if you get a desire to go for a walk, or to watch television, or
to surf the Web, then do that. You never know where your Inspired
Action will take you, but because you set an intention (Step One),
your intuition will fi nd a shortcut to your dreams.

- Go biking, go to childhood city. Look for web statistics, look for portfolio stats.

A Secret about Money
The result: Success.
So what does money like?
Money likes speed.
That ’ s the secret few know about money.
Money comes to those who act fast. If you think, wonder, question,
doubt, plan, meet, discuss, or in any other way drag your feet,
money goes to the next person in line.

take Phineas Parker Quimby, the man credited with being the
father of New Thought or modern spirituality. Martin Larson calls
Quimby “ the Advertising Therapist ” in his book,
New Thought or a Modern Religious Approach:
The Philosophy of Health, Happiness, and Prosperity (New York: Philosophical Library, 1985):

The Ultimate Secret
Again, the ultimate secret to attracting whatever you want is to want it without needing it.

Miracle mindedness means behaving like someone who is fearless, well - intentioned,
innocent, and, ultimately, invulnerable. She or he listens within for guidance and follows
any and all impulses toward loving and constructive action, however bizarre and inappropriate
they may appear to the ego.



Chapter 17 - The Million Dollar Secret Formula




What ’ s the hardest part of creating life the way you want it? ” a friend asked me over lunch.
I thought for a moment and replied, “ Learning to stop figuring out how you will get what you want. ”
“ If you try to fi gure out how you will get that new car, or that
new house, or that new relationship, you ’ ll limit yourself to what
your ego can see and do, ” I explained. “ Turn your goal over to your
unconscious, which is connected to the spirit of everything and everyone,
and let it bring the goal to you and you to the goal.
Just follow your inner promptings, and act on the opportunities that come your way, and you ’ ll get there. ”

1. Know what you don ’ t want.
2. Select what you do want.
3. Clear all negative or limiting beliefs.
4. Feel what it would be like to have, do, or be what you want.
5. Let go as you act on your intuitive impulses, and allow the results to manifest.


Six Key Points
Before we end this book, let ’ s go over some fi nal key points in the Attractor Factor process:
1. You are totally responsible for your experiences in your life.
That doesn ’ t mean you caused them. But on some level you attracted them.
You are responsible for them. That ’ s not good or bad.
Simply use the experiences to learn about yourself.
Get clear, and choose what you prefer to experience.

2. You are absorbing beliefs from the culture itself.
If you are watching movies about violence, or reading the
papers, or watching the news, you are filling your mind with
the very vibe that will attract more of what you soaked up.
Mother Teresa said she would never attend an antiwar rally.
Why? Because it contains the very energy that creates more
war. Watch what you absorb. Choose what you want to attract.
Be aware.

3. You are not ruler of the earth, but you have more power than you ever realized.
You can move mountains with the right thought and action.
Keep a balance of ego and spirit in your life, always striving to let your ego obey spirit.

4. You can change your thoughts.
This often feels impossible to believe because it ’ s not normal for the vast majority of people.
But what you think is largely habit.
Start noticing what goes through your head.
If you don ’ t like it, start consciously changing it. Choose new thoughts.

5. You can do the impossible.
What you believe to be the restraints of time and space right now may simply be the limits of our current understanding.
No one knows what is impossible. If you have an inclination
to try something new and different, then so be it. Go for it.
Make it so. You may be creating a path never seen before. Dare something worthy.

6. Whatever image you add feeling to will manifest.
If you fear something, or love something, you are adding energy to it.
Anything you fear or love will tend to be attracted into your life.
Choose your passions wisely.

If we plant a seed in the ground we know that the sun will shine and the rain will
water, and we leave it to the Law to bring results.…
Well, the desire you image is the seed, your occasional closing of the eyes in imagery is the sun,
and your constant, though not anxious, expectation is the rain and cultivation
necessary to bring absolutely sure results.


Chapter 18 - The shocking true Story of Jonathan




The goal is freedom. The only path is your connection to Spirit. Trust yourself.



Chapter 19 - The experiment : Intentional Meditation Foundation




Intentional Meditation.

1. You are the cocreator. Just as I pointed out to my friend, you
are the predominant creative force in your life. What is happening
to you is being created in part by you. You are attracting it. This is
good news. It means you can change those appearances to match
what you consciously prefer. It also means you can be, do, or have
anything you can imagine, because the person responsible for any of
it is you.
2. Your belief creates your reality. If you do this IM technique every
day but still believe it won ’ t work for you, then it won ’ t work for you.
You have to believe that change is possible. Belief rules. Intention
is king. We are belief - beings and the results are belief - creations.
Change your beliefs, and you change your life.
3. Your feelings are the fuel. Your feelings are what fuel your beliefs,
desires, hopes, and dreams. When you worry, you are fueling a
belief in a negative outcome. When you have faith, you are fueling
your belief in a positive outcome. Your feelings are the motivators
that make things happen. A belief without feeling is a thought. With
feeling, it ’ s an intention.
4. Whatever you say after “ I Am ” defi nes you. You create yourself
by how you defi ne yourself. Ask yourself, “ Who am I? ” and pay
attention to your answers. That is what you are creating. Change
your answers, and you change your results. In fact, it would be
enlightening to see what you are telling yourself right now. This self -
talk is creating the life you have! Write down some “ I am ” statements
and see if any surprise you:
- I'am an internet business expert
- I'am a developer, a software creator for efficient life
- I'am a father, a son, a husband, a little boy, a paternal image, a "wisering" man
- I'am a life adventurer.

We must not make ourselves dependent on any particular form of wealth, or insist on
its coming to us through some particular channel — that is at once to impose a limitation
and to shut out other forms of wealth and to close other channels; but we must
enter into the spirit of it.


Chapter 20 - Common Questions (with answers)




What ’ s the fastest way to attract whatever I want?
Appreciate what you have. An attitude of gratitude will speed up the attraction process.
Beyond that, I ’ d say there are three things:

(1) Know what you want;
(2) Take action to attract it; and
(3) Let go of any desperation or need for it.

In short, you will attract faster if you don ’ t need what you ’ d like and you take action to manifest it.
It sounds contradictory, but action and letting go are the two essentials to success.
You still have to get and stay clear of any limiting blocks within you, but action can often override them.

The idea is to awaken, choose what you do want, and take action toward it. Life goes on.
It ’ s just so much better when you ’ re awake.

What ’ s the ultimate secret to attracting whatever I want?
Get clear. When you are clear of any beliefs within you regarding
what you want to attract, you ’ ll attract it or something better.
Also, be happy with what you have while taking inspired action out of this moment.
Happiness is what you ultimately want and happiness is yours right now.
Look around and enjoy.
It doesn ’ t mean you won ’ t take action to create even better moments;
it means your appreciation of this moment will attract even better moments, based
on your vibration and your action. Be here now. Be happy now.
Heaven is here.

Is giving a good way to attract wealth?
I read a fascinating study that proves giving makes you rich.
The article states, “ More giving doesn ’ t just correlate with higher income;
it causes higher income. ” (Italics mine.)
See the article at /views/columns/2007/10/15/Charity - Makes - Wealth.
After that, go read my book, The Greatest Money - Making Secret in History .
And then give some money away.

What is necessary to change?
Two key things:
Understanding that you can do it, and knowing that it is worth the effort.
Assuming you want to change anything at all in your life,
you have to believe that you can do it and you have to believe it is worthwhile to do.
If you don ’ t believe you can do whatever it takes to change, you won ’ t even try.
If you don ’ t believe the end result of change is worth it, you won ’ t even begin the process.
Again, you can do it and it ’ s worth doing.
Those are essential first steps to lasting change.

How do I let it go, if I am meditating on it?
What you let go of is your attachment to the end result, not the desire itself.
When you can desire something without needing something,
you are in a powerful magnetic field to attract the very something you desire.
You simply can ’ t need your desire.
If you do, you ’ re coming from desperation, which will attract more desperation.

How can I figure out what I really want in my life and how to start getting it?
You say follow your passion and the money will come but
I have no idea what I love or what I ’ m passionate about. Help!
You always know what you are passionate about when you are
ruthlessly honest with yourself. Pretend you won the lottery and
have three hundred million dollars in your bank. What would you do?
After you spend money on cars and toys, what would you do with yourself?

How can I focus on positive things through good feelings when
everything in my life is going wrong and I ’ m surrounded by all this negativity?
First, you have to understand nothing is going wrong.
Your perception of the event is what is making it feel lousy.
See it all with love and you ’ re at peace and even appreciate it all.
Second, do what you need to get back to feeling grateful for what you have.
You are lucky to be alive. Many aren ’ t.
You are lucky to be able to read these words. Many can ’ t.

How do you maintain when you encounter crazy drivers, rude
people, and just the other negative people you can ’ t help but encounter in the world?
You love them. As you love all you see, you begin to notice they
disappear from your experience. Don ’ t wait for the drivers to change; you change.

When does everything start coming together?
So far nothing has changed. One month, four months? Longer?
How do you know nothing has changed? Most of your programming
is unconscious, so there could be changes there. Also, if you
are concerned or impatient, then that is a sign you ’ re not clear.
Being clear would mean you ’ re happy now, and that state of peace would
attract what you want, or something even better.
Truth is, time is a human concept.
Everything happens when it happens. Enjoy the moment.

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