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Book Review - Making life a masterpiece - Orison Swett Marden

Book Review Making life a masterpiece Orison Swett Marden Making life a masterpiece - Orison Swett Marden



1 Making life a masterpiece

The world may sometimes seem hard and selfish, but it never honors greed and selfishness.

In the ultimate reckoning it cherishes the memory of those who have illustrated in their lives the finer human values.


The object of our vocation should not be merely a living-getting.

Self-expression, self-enlargement, self-growth, the calling out of the man or the woman,

the exercising of all one's powers of mind and body and soul -

this should be the real meaning of an occupation or profession.

If we see in our day's work nothing but rent and food, clothing and shelters, taxes, a little pleasure and other incidentals,

then we would better never have lived.


One of our greatest needs today is institutions for teaching people how to live,

how to make living the art of arts, not merely how to make a living.

As a matter of fact self-control, patience, consideration for others, how to face life the right way,

how always to hold the right mental attitude, how to measure up to the ideals held up by the Christ,

these things are of infinitely more importance than mere scholastic training.


I am not belittling an education. It is of supreme importance.

Indeed the boy or girl who is not willing to struggle for it, to make sacrifices to get the best education possible,

will never make a masterpiece of life.


I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.




2. Practical dreamers (IDEAS)


There must be an air castle before there is a real castle. The plan precedes the building.

Equally true is it that you must toil for the bricks and mortar that shall go into your castle or it will never comme

out of the air.


Our ideas and ideals can never be solid possessions until we express them in life.

It is good to erect airy structures in the imagination,

but we must bring them down and give them a solid footing on earth if they are ever to du us or the world any good.


The time will come when proper us of the imagination as an educator, a developer, a creator of happiness will be treated, and taught as a science.


The man who only sees what actualy exists today never progresses; it is the man who ses ahead, who anticipates, wo forecasts the future, that forges ahead.


Hign ideals, lofty thinking, noble purpose, useful endeavour, kindliness, an optimistic outlook, a mind ever open to new ideas,

- these are the factors which keep man growing and make one sixty, seventy or a hundred years young instead of as many decades old.


It does not matter whether you are fifty or fifteen, you will find that if you encourage your dreaming propensities you will tend to bring out new powers

which, perhaps, you did not know you possessed.






The great opportunity belongs to him who can see it, to him who can grasp it.

The better part of your chance is right inside of you.


Most of us emphasize the opportunity and underestimate the value of the right spirit, the right attitude toward life.

This is everything. In fact, if this is right, if one has the, climbing, getting on spirit, if e faces life in the right way, toward hope, toward expectation of winning out;

if he faces life with optimism and faith he will find opportunities a plenty.


"On every corner, street or way, pportunity stands out bold." But we are "opportunity blind", we simply cannot see chances until they are beyond us.


There always has been a chance for thee poor girls and the poor boys and there always will be, because they will do what the rich will not do;

They will develop power, a wonderful creative force in their very effort to rise to the top, which the rich boy, as a rule, never will, because he lacks motive.


The mos important constituent in success is to get busy with the little pportunities.

If we take care of the little ones the big ones will take care of themselves.

Thousands of successful men have found their opportunities merely in doing the most ordinary things better than anyone else ever had done them,

in filling their humble positions better than they had ever before been filled.


The very habit of being alert for opportunities, of grasping them and wringing every possibility out of them brings more opportunities, more power.

By the law that "to him that hath shall be given", used opportunities open doors to new ones.



Retrouvons la légereté qui sied à notre nature éphémère.

































3. Where your opportunity is



4. The triumph of commonvirtues (SIMPLICITY)


The reason why the secrets of Nature have been hidden from the world so long is

because we are not simple enough in our methods of reasoning ;

That investigators are looking for unusual phenomena, for something complicated ;

that the principles of Natures's secrets are so extremely simple that men overlook them.


The happiness and success that life holds for every normal being are never found by multitudes

of men and woman because they think that the methods by which they are attained are very difficult

and intricate.

They believe that they are only for those who have been born in the ranks of the fortunate,

the well-to-do, or who have been especially gifted by Nature with genius or commanding ability or talents of some sort.

How few realize that true success, which is open to all, is not measured by the accomplishment of some great thing ;

that it does not consist in being wealthy, famous, or powerful ;

but that it is the crown of all who honestly, earnestly do their best and live the everyday simple life,

with all that it involves in the practise of the commonplace duties of every day.

It is by the exercise of the common, homely virtues;

it is by trying to do everything one attempts to a complete finish ;

by trying to be scrupulously honest in every transaction ;

by always ringing true in our friendships;

by trying to fulfill to the best of our ability the obligation to be noble,

to be loyal to our highest ideals,

it is by such things as these that we make successful lives.






5. Keeping at it as miracle worker (PERSEVERANCE)


The way to develop a strong masterful character is to persist to a complete finish in whatever one undertakes.

The art of holding on, of sticking, hanging, never giving up, no matter how great the discouragement,

or how dark the outlook, is an indispensable success quality.


Success is not in favorable conditions, not in circumstances, not in influence, not in the capital that

come from others, but right inside of ourselves, in the persistency and tenacity of purpose that enables

us to hold on in spite of all opposition and discouragement.

This sort of bulldog tenacity should be encouraged in the young until it crystallizes into a fixed habit.


A man that never flinches is everywhere in demand.


Young people do not half realize what a tremendous power lies in plain grit, in just sticking and hanging

until victory comes.


"turn backers", "quitters", never get anywhere or accomplish anything of note.

They are constantly starting in at new things and so their lives are scrappy, filled with half-finished tasks.

They go a little way into many things, but turn back when they strike thorns.

They never go far enough to get the flowers, the pleasant things in an occupation,

which come from long training and that superb facility and ease which are the results of experience.


It is the persistent soul that wins the great life prizes in every-line of endeavor.


I am never very anxious about a youth's future when I find that he has sticking talent, that he can persist.


You are the captain of your life ship, and it is up to you to bring it into port grandly.

If you haven't the qualities of a good sea captain your ship is in danger.


Downright hard work, a purpose which never flags, a grit and nerve which never retreat ;

These are the quality that make life victorious.




6. Masterfulness and physical vigor


What we achieve depends upon the effectiveness of our work.

The brain will not give up its best energy under pressure or strain.


Clear, strong thinking springs from freshness and enthusiasm,

and these qualities are not produced by strenuous, driving methods.


It is everyone's sacred duty to keep himself up to the highest possible standard,

physically and mentally, otherwise he cannot deliver to the world the divine message entrusted to him by his creator.


Music has a magic charm to put in tune the human instrument.

It is a powerful tonic for many minds.

Others are refreshed by reading certain books.

I know people who are very much rested, no matter how tired they may have been before,

by reading the invigorating thoughts of Emerson or of other uplifting, inspiring writers.


Wholesome play, clean, healthy fun is a constant lubricator, a mental refreshener, a renewer, a rejuvenator.

You must mix it with your work, or both yourself and your work will suffer.


You will accomplish much more than you ever dreamed you could if you can keep yourself perpetually in

an after-vacation condition.





7. curing the curse of indecision


The ability to arrive quickly and effectivley at a conclusion is characteristic of all great leaders.


The man of few words, who drives right at the heart of things, who strikes the marrow at first attempt,

is the man who accomplishes things.


Everybody dislikes indirectness, ambiguity, circumlocution, because these waste valuable time and clog progress.

The direct method is the winning one in every vocation.

The ability to focus effort, to come quickly to the point and strike at the heart of a subject

without circumlocution or preamble is a great factor of success.


The direct man, the man of few words, the decisive man, always carries weight and always make a good impression.


You can tell by talking to a stranger for five minutes whether he is or is not a good business man by

the number of words he uses and the directness or indirectness of his language in expressing his ideas.






8. unlocking your possibilities



9. bettering our best



10. The will to succeed



11.The backbone of manhood



12. "Shrinking from the disagreeable"



13. The kingship of self-control



14. An hour a day



15. Finding your place



16. The secret of happinesse



17. Living in the finer senses

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