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The way I run my adsense autoblogs, is I first create the home page article, make it have great content and make the site look professional.
In total, I'll have about 10 pages written or spun from an original article by me.

The rest, I then let WPROBOT autopost the content for me, then I'll periodically jump in to tweak the super looong titles and make sure there are no external links in the article bodies etc.

As for plugins, these (IMHO) are must-haves:
WPUnique - makes the content so unique it'll fool the search engine spiders
WP Traffic Genius Pro - posts all auto content to the feed aggregators - more traffic and auto backlinks
seo-pressor - super dooper plugin for onsite optimization
wp-syndicator - syndicates your articles to top web2.0 sites, - instant backlinks
WP - Pingback Optimizer - creates rss feeds out of all your pingback articles floating on the internet.

With the above plugins, and having at least 50 posts per blog, each blog is virtually a set and forget automated money making machine.

Of course it goes without saying that, for you to make a meaningful income with adsense, you either have to have a blog with high cpc domain/subdomain and content (keywords), otherwise you're just treading pennies when creating blogs that pay $5 per day etc.

To date, I have no less than 10 autoblogs, each paying on average $50 plus per day!
One of the autoblogs, which I've written extensively about elsewhere on this forum, has had numerous interested buyers due to its unique content and ranking... but it's worth close to $100k now, (12 month projected income) so no takers as yet.

ref :

WPROBOT takes content from other sites and posts it to yours.
If you combine the article/youtube and flickr module, for example,
your post will consist of an article with picture, plus a video.

At least get the 4 basic ones (article, youtube, YA, flickr) + a monetization module of your choice.
You want to get content from different sources so you can use WPRobots' MIX feature.

WPUnique will spin/uniquify the text so it doesn't look like dupe content to the spiders,
but WPUnique is a standalone plugin and not related to WPRobot.


would like to see an autoblog plugin with:

- spin capabilities: taking the content both from TXT source or RSS/XML source, spin the content using Best Spinner database, passing into Copyscape then publish it

- auto tagging: automatic (on fly) insertion of tags, based on content analysis, plus auto insertion of SEO links on certain tags

In other words, an autoblog plugin capable of posting unique content (spun) + auto-tagging with internal linking insertion.


The algorithm behind the plugin uses a combination of
Html entities, javascript and word replacement to achieve a unique page of content.
The algorithm performs most of its work on what is considered to be stop words by google
which should not affect actual keyword density in general, in some cases actually
keyword density may be reduced slightly due to new/odd words being created from those stop words by the algorithm.





How to render content unique
1. use javascript to display content : document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,112,62,76,101,66,114,111,110,32,74,97,));
2. replace stopwords HTML characters : Keep &#1091&#959&#965&#7462 readers...    (wpunique/dictionary.txt)
3. replace stopwords by images with alt
4. Use synonyms for basic words :   synonyms_core.txt
5. Uniquefier 2.5 (do reverse engineering)

Idea for unique content : replacing words by images

I think many use one of the markov-type sentence restructuring plugins like Writeagain. I did see some that say that dupe content isn't penalized.

I don't like the sentence rewriters because it becomes apparent that the blog writer either:

- doesn't speak the native language well
- or is a machine.

The plugin I'm trying to finish up converts some words into the images of those words. Not entire sentences but just a word here or there, based on settings. The human eye reads the image words and the bot scrapers read the alt tags on the images. My next step is to add a feature that allows for rotating set of user inputted keywords to be used as the alt tags on the images. That way, they may show up faster in search engines.

I tried an earlier version of this with just a single alt tag and dupecop showed that it was 43% unique and yet the human eye saw it as completely readable.

I'm guessing Google could do OCR scanning on images, but that sounds like a LOT of processing power to be used billions of posts across millions of blogs.

The only down part I think I see is that an RSS feed FROM one of these blurred posts (I call my plugin wp-blur) may read funny as it would show the keywords in the image alt tags and not the real words that were converted to images.

So, does this sound like something others would want? It's almost done.


How to find Wordpress plugins :
"Index of /wp-content/plugins" +".zip"    +"uniquefier"

WPROBOT Sites footprint :

it's easy to find any premium plugin. but with one condition, hope in some blog hosting place, there are any idiot webmaster that save the copy on their blog host. sometimes i found the file on the uploads folder. here's that always i'm doing if i want any file:
type "?intitle:index.of? wp-content/plugins wprobot .zip"
or "?intitle:index.of? wprobot (or anyfiles) .zip"
or ""

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