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How to Force People To Read Your Website <- That Means More Commissions!

Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I wanted to share a very important tip on improving your conversion rates of your websites. I did a webinar the other day with a friend, and while we were reviewing the sites I noticed that EVERYONE had the same problem – they didn’t know how to build a website that is so easy to read that you are basically forced to go through the content.

In other words, their websites were so scatter brained that it was impossible to become engaged in them.

This doesn’t sound like a huge problem – you’re probably thinking ‘oh who cares some people will read it anyway’. I can assure you that if you don’t do this right, you will never make good money online. Your conversions will suffer dramatically, which means you make less money, which means you’ll never be able to compete if you are doing paid traffic at all.

I want to show you a couple examples and tell you what I think is wrong with them.

Exhibit #1
Blog design discussions

Here are the problems I see:

* Immediately you are bombarded with 6 different text boxes. You don’t even know where to start. What I’ve learned is when people are confused, they leave the site. When you build a website, in most cases its best to layer text like you see in a book. That’s what we are used to – it makes no sense to go against that.

* The navigation bars are too confusing with way too many links. Again, causing confusion

* Needs more images – a very boring site which doesn’t make you feel interested.

Exhibit #2 My Blog
Blog design discussions

I’m not afraid to acknowledge when I do something wrong, so here is my problem with my blog:

* The wall of text syndrome – you see too much text, and not enough images to keep the average reader interested. Within each post I should include at least one image.

I knew this was a problem all along, I’ve just been too lazy to fix it lol. I also have an advantage over the average website visitor because my traffic I send to my blog is my subscriber base traffic. I have already engaged you from my previous emails and info I send out, so most likely my content is going to be read regardless of how it looks. Although adding more images definitely would improve the read through rate.

This year I’m planning to take my blog mainstream, so I’m going to invest considerable effort into making it a ‘real’ blog instead of just a content portal for my subscribers.

Exhibit #3 <- Website done right
Blog design discussions

This is a pretty good website. Very clean and engaging. The only thing I would change on it is the sidebar and get rid of some of that extra stuff – I tried but the theme is encoded so they wouldn’t let me edit it out.

This site is good because:

* Images pull you into the text, and entice you to continue scrolling down.

* There’s not much else for you to do but read through the article.

* And it’s a site that is tightly built around a very specific topic

So there you have it!

Any tips, questions, comments? Feel free to leave them below! I always like reading them :)

Talk to you tomorrow!

Dan Brock

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