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Backlinking tools - one time payment - No monthly fees ★★★

Backlinking tools one time payment No monthly fees A

rticle Marketing Robot – Purchased in early December (one time fee of about $80), and I wish I had got it much sooner! Similar to UAW, it will spin and submit your article to up to nearly 3000 article directories. I will be using this service now instead of UAW.

Site :

Review :

Review :

Special offer : ($69.97)

Tips :

The body of the text needs to be 500 words

Use a unique name and surname as some website can combine the two instead of your chosen username to create your username and if this is not unique it won't be able to sign you up!
Im using firstname + lastname + number = JohnDavies09 probably not already registered so .. :-) Important is to fill out all unique, even About me + phone,, just skip the fax shit.

Another tip I would say usually one day is enough to allow all the activation e-mails to come into the inbox, this way you should get a better sign up rate. I had atleast 50-100 further e-mails 24 hours later from when i registered and confirmed the initial sign up e-mails!

That´s why i always choose "News" & "General" as category ALWAYS when submitting.
Use common category names like "general, news, internet, guide" also.

Don't enter a website address when creating your author profiles!

Articles Dirctories supported :
af (Article Friendly)
ad (Article Dashboard)
AMS (Article MS)
arb (Article Beach
wp (Wordpress Articlesss)
Misc (Manually Added Directories) = Non template.

Backlinking tools one time payment No monthly fees SEO Link Robot – A program set to be released at some point in October, which I use mainly for web 2.0 creation. Similar to SE Nuke and Magic Submitter, but will only have a one time fee instead of monthly subscription once released. (I was a beta tester for the program in August/September 2010). Now released! Click here to view more details.

Review :

Review :

site :


The current list of Web 2.0 Sites are: insanejournal myopera onsugar wordpress zimbio

gather bravejournal tabulas sosblog worldvillage

aeonity soulcast xanga blogtest starblog sweetcircles

tumblr kamusta webs edublogs blogetery blurty blogdrive

No hubpages and squidoo are not included but personally i like doing these "by hand".



Backlinking tools one time payment No monthly fees ScrapeBox

Tutorial :








Ref :




Sick Submitter – I just started using this in July. If you use a captcha solving program like Decaptcher, you can use it to do fully automated profile link building! This is easily my favorite and the most effective backlinking tool I am using at the minute (the fact that it’s cheap – under $20 a month – is just an added bonus!).

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