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Auto content generator for Wordpress that uses the search function

An auto content generator for Wordpress that uses the search function , is the newest of the plugins that I have written.

Hi phpBayer

Just a quick bit of background before proceeding. I have always used a slightly modified version of Wades search replacement code to handle the searching on my site. He posted this code quite some time ago in the phpBay forum. If you are not familiar with this feature, then basically it replaces the standard search function that comes with Wordpress with a customized search function using phpBay. This customized function then searches eBay for results instead of your blog.

The big plus is that the all of the auctions carry your affiliate ID, and are all potential sales.

The big minus is that once the visitor leaves then so does that page that they were viewing.

I got the idea a while ago to rather use those keywords that a visitor enters into the search box to actually create pages/posts on my site.

What are the benefits of doing this ?

  • When the visitor leaves they will have added to my sites content.
  • They more than likely used keywords that are relevant to my niche, so the pages/posts they automatically created with those keywords will be relevant for my site.
  • The search engines see constant growth on my site.
  • Some of the keyword rich pages may end up ranking well on the search engines for longer tail keywords, and therefore bring me more traffic.
  • Less effort on my part to constantly post to my site.

Enter phpBay-Search2Post, the plugin that I have written to do this exact task.

It is a Wordpress plugin/sidebar widget that replaces the search function that you are currently using.

When a visitor enters a keyword string into your search box, then the plugin automatically adds a brand new page or post (you specify which) onto your site, and loads this page for the visitor. This new page contains some text (which you can also specify), as well as some phpbay auctions for whatever the visitor searched for.

Unlike the usual search function (where the page that is built is lost once the visitor leaves), this one makes the new page/post permanent on your site. Fully spiderable and indexable, just like any other page on your site.

Features at a glance -

  • You specify the [phpbay] tag you want to use. This can include all parameters you want to use, like category numbers, exclusion keywords etc etc. In this case however, you set the first parameter to %%keyword%% which is a placeholder, and the plugin replaces this with the keywords that the visitor enters.
  • You can specify some text that you want to appear above the auctions. This text can include basic HTML. The %%keyword%% placeholder can also be used in this text.
  • You specify whether you want this plugin to build you pages or posts.
  • You can instruct the plugin to email you each time a new page or post is made. This email contains the URL of the new page/post as well as the keywords used to build it. Handy for you to make sure that only relevant pages remain on your site.

I have placed the documentation for the plugin here. Check it out for the full details of what the plugin does, and how you configure it.

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