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Google and every other search engines love blogs, you know it! But did you know that they care only on the blogs that are updated frequently? I know how hard it is to manually update your blogs with fresh content everyday, especially if you've got more than one blog.


What if a software could do all the hard work in updating all your (ALL YOUR) blogs on auto-pilot and you could just sit back, relax and collect the cash?


Even if you've got no blogs already or don't plan to invest in a domain name or whatsoever, the software can still help you with free blogs! And I provide a short action plan to reach Your Dreams Of Earning Over $150/day with This Software, PLUS a Personalized Email and Forum Support To Help You Achieve The Same.

"YES, This Is The Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software The World Has Ever Seen"

"Watch Me Create A Free Automated Blog In Just 3 minutes"

"This Software Grabs Content From Other Websites, Just Like Google Does and Posts To Your Own Blog!"

You won't believe until you see it in action! The software uses a highly complicated algorithms to grab content from websites just like the way Google and other major web players read your website for content after filtering out the unwanted fluff.

Actually when a feed is downloaded, the software will visit each of the article item' original website and grabs the full-text content for posting in your own Blog.

"It Will Also Post Unique Content By Translating It More Than Once, Automatically"

It is well known that Google hates duplicated content. This software will use online translator services and translate the content more than once so it becomes unique in the eyes of search engines.

Best of all, it happens all automatically and you don't need to lift a finger. Just set it once and the software will take care of the rest for your life-time!

"It Makes The Posts Look Natural and Hand Made By Posting Images On Your Own Website"

The software can grab the image associated with extracted articles and uploads them to your own server before posting to your Blog so there is no reference made to the original website.

In case of free blogs, the software can upload the images to any FTP server you specify. (Completely optional!)

Will Remove Links, Ad codes, Scripts and all other Unwanted Text From Extracted Content

Every other auto blogging plug-in on the market will post whatever is thrown at the source websites which will result in your blog being determined as spam or junk.

But with this software, you never need to worry about any junk being posted to your blog EVER! The software will carefully choose the content and leave out every other unwanted stuff so your blog is always of high quality.

Can Schedule Posts To Future Dates

Google can easily determine automated blogs if a large number of posts are made instantly. The software can intelligently separate each post with the set interval and schedule them to be published automatically on future dates so you don't have to keep the software running all the time on your PC.

This feature works with both the Free as well as with WordPress!

"Manage Even Over a 1000 Blogs From A Single Installation"

Every other auto blogging software requires you to install them separately on each of your blog as a plug-in. Imagine if you have 100 blogs! You need to install on all of them and managing each of them every week or so gets even harder.

But with this software, you can manage over a thousand blogs, all from a single installation on your own PC. As simple as that!

"Blogs Created With This Software Appear Natural And Proven To Score High Search Engine Rankings"

It is always hard to rank high in search engines with automated or duplicated content, typically created by other blogging tools. But with this software, every content is translated more than once so it becomes unique and yet have high keyword density for ranking well in search engines.

After-all, it is the Search Engine traffic that is invaluable and that is where you make most of your money from.

You either want to make money directly from this blog or want to redirect them all to your sales pages, YOU NEED THIS SOFTWARE!

"That's Not All Folks! The Software Can Import PLR Articles, Make Them Unique and Schedules Them On Your Blog With Just a Single Click!"

You must be having a ton of PLR articles collecting dust on your hard-drive. Even if someone has written the articles for you, I know how hard it is to copy/paste them onto your Blogs. Especially if you're going to do this for 100s of articles.

With this software, you just have to choose the folder with PLR articles. It then reads everything one by one, make them unique by translating (optional) and posts them onto your blog with just a single click! It actually schedules them onto your blog, to be slowly published for days or even months to come.


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