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Article Marketing Robot Best Practices

Article Marketing Robot Best Practices Getting very good signup rates : 

I've been fiddling around with AMR for a couple of months now and i think i've finally got a hang of it. My latest account got 2,896 signups and i've still got about 2,000 accounts that i've not sign up for. As for submissions, the last submission i did gave me an 80% success rate. Pretty awesome. But i'm still confused about getting them registered as backlinks. Say i've got about 700 links indexed by google .. but i probably only see 2 or 3 backlinks when i check on yahoo's site explorer. Any ideas? Anyways gonna share how i got better success at signing up and submitting

1. 8 word password 4 words 4 numbers ..

2. Use weird names like krabby patties

3. Go to and use the info there to fill in every box in the profile's infos

4. keep our author profile simple don't leave backlinks there

5. use hosted emails

6. Register in batches of 100 ... once you're done with 100 move on to confirm them first .. then move on to the next 100

4. once you have registered the batches, confirm it and if you get signups that don't confirm, go to your author account and clear the emails and try confirming again

8. For the next 5 days after your signups, reconfirm everything again everyday as some confirmation emails might come late.

9. Go back and try to register failed sites again everyday for the next 5 days.

10. after the 5 days, try the failed sites again and repeat the steps above


1. Fill in as much as you can in your categories to avoid mis matches ... for everyone of my niches i have at least 30 different words for categories.


for spinning, i use MAR ... i spend the most time spinning my titles.. i'm talking about 40-50 lines of text as variations for a 5 word title

2. do the same for your summary, and the first 2 paragraphs of your articles.

3. Spin 1 word for every 4 words for the rest of the article

4. spin your keywwords in your resource box.

Well it works for me ,.. don't flame if you think its to basic .. feel free to ask question if you have any... if you find it informative, and you had success registering your article submissions as backlinks, please do share your methods with me. thanks!

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Article Marketing Robot Best Practices

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