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Applying to the Ebay Partner Network


Applying to the Ebay Partner Network





7 Tips for Getting Accepted into ePN – eBay Affiliate Network


A friend of my oldest son Mark sent me an email ealier this week, asking what kind of tips I could provide for getting accepted into the eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program, commonly referred to the ePN.

As we all know, eBay has taken a different approach to its relationship with affiliates over the past year, and instead of simply approving every new member that comes along, they truly want to focus on quality versus quantity, when they look at the website of those applying.

I thought it was a good post topic, since I have heard the same question repeated at the ePN forums many times. Incidentally, if you browse the forums, you can find me as epn_builder.

Establish Your Content and Readership First!

Registering a new domain and building a simple website does not constitute a good partner! eBay wants to see that you are established and already engaging your visitors with quality content! The products being sold on eBay should simply compliment your content!

Allowing your site to grow readers and gain authority for a few months will go very far when you apply!

Don’t Build a YourBay Website!

With the integration of Build a Niche Store and plugins like phpBay, it’s very easy to build a clone of eBay. This is NOT what ePN (or search engines) want to see when they visit a prospective partner site! Your site should be a good resource for visitors in your niche topic and again, the eBay items should simply compliment your site, not make it!

eBay listings should be just like Salt and pepper on your meal! Sprinkle just enough here and there to compliment the flavor of your food!

Read, Understand, and Comply with the ePN Partner Agreement!

eBay did not spend money and time creating the terms of being a partner for nothing! More importantly, they do not ask first – shoot later! If you agree to the terms and then violate them, they WILL shut off your account! The best way to avoid this is by understanding your part of the agreement.

  1. eBay Partner Network Agreement
  2. ePN Code of Conduct
  3. eBay Partner Network Privacy Policy

Once you are confident you know the rules of the game, make sure your website is in compliance.

Tell a Positive Story on Your Partner Application!

As you complete your eBay Affiliate network application, there is an area for comments about your website. Tell them a GREAT story about your site and WHY they may WANT to advertise on your website! If you don’t have a good story to tell, don’t apply yet!

Your website is a billboard and eBay is just another prospective advertiser! You should share your website traffic stats, subscriber metrics, target visitors and any other information you may share with anyone else looking to advertise on your billboard!

A good story to Steve or Casey may be something like:

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the eBay Partner network. My “site topic” website has been established in its niche for more than 3 months and receives a steady flow of XXXX targeted visitors every month, through onsite optimization, search engines, and referrals from other authority websites! While onsite, the visitors tend to stay around and browse through 4-6 pages each, as they learn more about “site topic“. I feel the eBay listings would be a perfect compliment for my visitors and look forward tobeing a part of the ePN.”

Educate Your Visitors about Your Ads!

Never try to hide the fact that your website shows eBay listings or offers from third party advertisers! The last thing ePN wants is for a user to click one of your links and NOT KNOW they were being sent to eBay for the item!

Don’t Trip Spam Filters with Your Domain Name

Spam filters are pretty smart, and they were built by humans! They recognize certain words and look carefully at the content to see if it too, is nothing but spam! Words like “sale, cheap, bargain, buy, used” and hundreds of others are very quick to make ANY reader cautious about the content of an email or website!

If you have the word cheap in your domain name, make sure your content is BETTER than every other site that sells cheap whatever! When a human looks at it, they are going to be extra critical of your content.

Edit – 06/24/09 – Added Additional Recommendation from Amanda at ePN

Amanda over the ePN Blog made an additional suggestion to the approval tips.

Use Your Real Contact Information

In addition to the tips mentioned above, we want to stress the importance of giving valid contact information in your application.  Although we understand the desire for privacy, giving false phone numbers and/or contact information is an easy way to get rejected quickly from eBay Partner Network.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Lets face it – affiliate marketing is not short of failures! For every one of us that finds success, I would bet there are 95 others who quit within 6 months, maybe less time than that! Those 95 are the same people eBay does NOT want in their program!

If you are declined on the first attempt, ask yourself if you have built an authoritative website, built a strong readership, and have a steady flow of traffic that is genuinely interested in the information your site is delivering!

The Bottom Line to Being Accepted into the eBay Affiliate Program

  1. Your Site should Bring Value TO eBay, Not the other way around!
  2. If you have no Established Traffic – You Won’t make Money ANYHOW!

Take your time, build your authority, gain reader value… and reapply to ePN with a positive story!



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How-to Get Approved for Ebay Partner Network


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Joining the Ebay Partner Network (EPN) can be quite difficult. Ebay individually reviews all applications to ensure all affiliates are of the highest quality. The approval process can be tough especially since Ebay is very secretive about their application process and they do not tell people why they were rejected. That is why it is important to get it right the first time! There are many things you can do to improve your chances of getting approved for EPN.

Tips to Get Approved for Ebay Partner Network

The registration process is a relatively simple, three-page application. It includes filling out basic information (name, address, email, etc.), business information, website information, and payment information. Please note that you do not need to own a business to join EPN, you can register as an individual business type. The most important part of the application is filling in valid data, the business description, and submitting the best, quality websites for review.

Location Matters

Your location is a factor in the approval process. Unfortunately, people outside of North America, Europe, or Australia may have a more difficult time getting approved. Outside of these continents, Ebay is not as popular and usually needs more sellers than buyers.

Business Description

The business description in the Business Information section is very important. It can make the difference if your application is on the borderline. Ebay has given you the freedom (or 1000 characters) to provide any relevant information on your business. The most time consuming part of the application process should be creating a thorough business description that includes your website traffic source, content of your site and how you plan to integrate Ebay to it, monthly visitors, and key stats about your site. Basically, you will need to show how and why you will bring quality traffic to Ebay based on your strategy and real data.

Quality Website

The key to getting approved is submitting quality websites in the EPN application. What is a quality website? Although, the term can subjective, there are some basic measurements of a quality website. A quality website should contain original, informative content and not cluttered with ads. There are many factors for a website that Ebay looks for during the application process:
• Original, quality content
• Rich in content (10+ page recommended)
• Relevant pictures
• Age (domain, site, and content at least a month old; the older the better)
• Ads (avoid littering the site with ads)
• Traffic (consistent daily visitors)
• SERP (search engine results page – how you rank in search engines)

You only need to submit one great website to get approved, but if you have more than one quality website you should submit them to improve your chances. Ensure that the website you are submitting is rich in original content with images. Age is also a factor. I would make sure the domain, site, and content are at least a month old and verify that the site is indexed. Make sure the website has some sort of natural, incoming traffic and it would make a huge difference if your website is also ranked within the first page of Google.

Don’t know which business model to pick? I have listed the description of two of the more general business models below that are often confused The rest of the business model is pretty self explanatory and if none of the categories fit you can select Other.

Editorial Content (e.g. Blogs, Informational Sites, News Sites) Editorial Content sites feature rich content that has been created or aggregated by the site owners.

User Generated Content (e.g. Deal Forums, Review Sites) User Generated Content sites are platforms that enable a community of users to post content to the site for consumption by other community members.” (From EPN)

The last step of the application process is the payment method page. You will need to submit payment information on how you will receive payment, either PayPal or direct deposits to your bank account.

After the application has been submitted it can take a few days or a few weeks to hear back. Ebay will not give an explanation on rejections. If rejected, you are allowed to re-apply.

My Personal Experience with EPN Registration

I applied to EPN in early 2014 and only submitted one site. The site I submitted was not too rich in content, but it was useful, and it ranked on the first page of Google for specific keywords. The site was a few months old and also generated a decent amount of consistent traffic. I was a bit worried since I heard about EPN’s strict process and my site consisted of only 9-10 pages. However, I wrote a very detailed business description which included key stats of my website and why my website would generate quality traffic to Ebay. I guess whoever approved my application agreed. It took me about 4 days to hear back from Ebay.


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I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the eBay Partner network.
Our NICHE website has been created X years ago in 20XX.
It receives more than 100 targeted visitors each month.
They come from search engines, and referrals from other authority websites!
We feel the eBay listings will be an interesting addition for our visitors.

Our company ACME offer a full range of custom website design and development solutions.
Every website we create and maintain is based on our client’s goals.
Our most common requests are for e-Commerce, company portals , business reporting websites.

The websites we maintain are good resources for our visitors and the eBay items can nicely complimenting these sites.

You can find more information about our company on our website :

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