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Amstrad CPC 6128 - Emulateur Javascript




Amstrad CPC emulator


CPCBox is an Amstrad CPC emulator. What it means is that CPCBox replicates the inner workings of the Amstrad CPC 8-bit computer hardware so that you can use any software that was made for this computer and run it with the same results as on the real hardware. Features CPCBox runs directly on your web browser, without requiring any plugin. You don't have to download, decompress, install & update a CPC emulator anymore. CPCBox renders all those menial and time consuming work unnecessary. CPCBox is a good choice to watch demos thanks to the quality of its audio and video renderings and because of its very precise Z80 and chipset emulation. Retro-gamers will be pleased too as CPCBox features a very intuitive and functional user interface, so that they are just seconds away from playing their favorite 8-bit CPC games.




Roland is an Amstrad CPC emulator written in javascript. It can be slow in your machine, so I recommend you to use with Chrome 10+ for best performance results.


Roland emulator has 2 ways for loading software.

1. Loads from the server, with the filename in the URL.

2. From your local storage, dragging a file into screen area.
The first option is targeted to non-experienced cpc-users, that doesn't have dsks or taps images in their hardrives. Also they don't know how to load the software: run", |cpm, so all this will be occur transparently.
The second one is for cpc-users. You can load a local file (like in cpcbox), but also must type the start command.
So I can put a 4th machine: 6128 with 512k. And you can load locally the dsk that you want. Also I can upload some software to the server that uses that expansion.


You can do rollback in Roland (with F3 and F4). Then if you save the gameplay, you will
see the perfect playgame (the mistakes were deleted in the recording).
Yes, It's not exactly the REWIND feature, but running backwards an emulator is a very difficult task. You must save a log with past values in not reverseable instructions (like ld bc,0). Also the reverseable instructions (like add a, b) must log some flags.


Ref :












Ref :


Amstrad CPC 6128 Emulateur Javascript

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