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Add Shopping to your site with eBay and Amazon store pages


Add Shopping to your site with eBay and Amazon store pages I’ll also start building out the site with eBay and Amazon store pages that I think might be relevant. For example, I know people look for used guitars online and I know people buy guitar stuff from Amazon, so I’ll have my VA look around Amazon and create some pages on the website to fill out the content. Now, this simply has the effect of making the website more multidimensional. I’ve got content, I’ve got affiliate offers, and I’ve got Amazon and eBay pages that add additional content to the website and just make it a more rich experience for the user.

Hear me now:  If you want to be successful in internet business, you need to do things (and build sites) that make the internet a better place.   That is the best advice I can give you, and it is a phrase that I stole from Nicole Dean.  If you are not adding value for your visitors, you cannot be successful in the long term.

In order to add those pages I’ll use a popular plugin known as PHPbay. There’s also a related plugin called PHPzon. PHPbay is used for eBay stores and I’ve talked a lot about it on over the last couple years. PHPzon is the same thing, but targeted at Amazon. In both of these cases stores are automatically added to the site using keywords that you choose, they’re dynamically updated, and the URLs that are created for those store pages inside your site are masked in such a way that it makes it harder for Google to tell that they’re just Amazon and eBay store pages.

As a side note, we do this URL cloaking because there was a time when Google took an aggressive stance against what they called thin affiliate sites that were basically just redressing Amazon pages and putting them on your domain. We don’t want to leave Google with the impression that we’re just a think affiliate site even if we really are just a thin affiliate site.

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