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You know you're personally developed when..

I thought this would be an interesting blog post, if you have some concepts to throw in it that would be great.

You know you're personally developed when:

* When someone runs into your car, and you are able to keep a cool, calm, and even be in a happy positive state dealing with the whole situation.
* When you assume full responsibility for everything that happens to you, that you blame no one else for what you currently have, you assume responsibility.
* When you assume responsibility for the actions of other people, even when it might seem logical to think otherwise, you take responsibility of the actions of others.
* When you communicate with other people, instead of using the term "you", like, "will you." You change it to "can we," or "lets"
* When you seek first to understand, then to be understood.
* When you listen more than you talk
* When you stop using the word "problems" and just call them "challenges" instead.
* When you understand that failure is a few errors in judgments repeated every single day, over six years will result in failure. That it is not the hamburger, but the hamburger every day for weeks, months and years repeated.
* When you also understand that success is a few simple daily disciplines repeated every single day, over six years. That it is not the one salad you eat, it's the habit, of eating healthy every day which is the main difference.
* When you understand that everything we have in life is attracted by the person we have become
* When you decide to "get from the day," not just "I'm trying to get through the day"
* When you greet everyone with a smile, and enlighten the days of everyone around you
* When you have decided what you want in life, set goals, and are taking actions to what you want in life.
* When you are humble, and understand you can learn from everyone, that when you look at another person you can tell yourself, "this person knows something I do not, what can I learn." You are humble, and do not think you know everything.
* When making a deal with another person you emphasis the benefits of the other party, not what you will gain.
* When you understand the 80/20 principal and that 80% of your results will come from 20% of what you do
* When you consider yourself "I'm always a student" and always trying to learn new things
* When you visualize an outcome before starting your task
* When you understand we become like the combined average of the five people we associate the most and the books we read
* When you have mentors that you have sought after
* When you think, before you act
* When in negotiating, you try to see yourself in the other person's shoes, try to see it from their point of view
* When you truly, I mean really believe in this statement: "if you think you can, or think you can't, your right." When we understand that anything is possible and believe it
* When you replace the lazy mind who says, "but I don't have," with "how can I"
* When you someone attacks you, physically, emotionally, or mentally, you refrain from attacking back. When you are like Ghandi, or MLK we refrain from attacking the other party at all costs.
* When you understand what has happen in the past is the past, and you don't dwell on the past, you look forward at future expectations
* When you don't expect praise and recognition for your actions, and especially don't get frustrated, angry that people aren't verbally acknowledging your deeds. Like a mother who can't believe her kids don't appreciate everything she has done for them, we must not expect praise and appreciate because it will surely lead us to disappoint in the future when we do not get it. So when we give without expecting any praise in return.
* When you don't care what other people think about you as you are following your bliss
* When you don't accept the advice of other people more screwed up then you are
* When you smile
* When you become genuinely interested in other people
* When you remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language
* When you make the other person feel important - and do it sincerely
* When you know the only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it
* When you show respect for the other person's opinions. You never say, "You're wrong."
* If when you are wrong, you admit it quickly and emphatically
* When you let the other person feel that the idea is his or hers
* When you being with praise and honest appreciation
* When you call attention to people's mistakes indirectly.
* When you talk about your mistakes before criticizing the other person
* When you ask questions instead of giving orders
* When you praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement.
* When you understand that you get, what you give to others. If you want appreciation and recognition, be so busy giving everyone else recognition and all the recognition will be yours
* When you lead by example
* When you share, by understanding that by sharing an idea with 10 people, they get to hear the idea once, and you get to hear it ten times. When you share and enlighten other people's life.
* When you understand you learn the best, when you teach stuff to other people
* When you are grateful for life, and appreciation what you have
* When you something that makes you unhappy happens, you are only in a negative state for less than five minutes and decide to immediately change your attitude and think about the good things.
* When you are good at turning around your attitude from unhappiness to happy quickly.
* When instead of dwelling, feeling sad, and hoping about everything you don't have yet, you instead look backwards and say, "wow look at how much I've accomplished to get to where I'm now," so when you look backwards at what you have accomplished, and not what you haven't.
* When you talk positively about yourself every day
* When you realize failures are a part of success, that in order to succeed we may encounter many failures throughout our lifetimes.
* When you understand that there is no perfect timing, everyone is waiting for that perfect time to get start, "when things settle down," or "when the time is best." But not you, you understand that the best time to get started is now.
* When you refrain from making reasons to prevent you from taking action, and instead, give reasons for taking actions
* When instead of looking at a task you are currently doing with pain, you instead look at the pleasure that will accomplish completing the task.
* When you are on the path towards being financially independent when you are older
* When you reflect on the past, and learn from situations
* When you encounter a huge challenge, that may seem horrible, bad, unproductive or just a strain on yourself and you decide to attack the challenge, and ask yourself "what can I learn from this situation." You take an otherwise unproductive time, and turn it into a learning experience.
* When something just doesn't make sense, like the actions of another person that just seem to make you mad, instead of getting mad, you just say, "isn't that interesting."
* When you understand life is like the changing seasons, there are summers, winters, springs, and falls. Life and business are like the seasons, in winter sometimes everything goes smash, a business, a relationship, a family member, but after every winter comes spring.
* When you understand that after every down, every challenge, comes opportunity and success
* When you lead others by example
* When you become the change you wish to see
* When before you criticize others, you take a look and see at all the times you have messed up
* When follow up with what you say you will do, which is harder than it sounds.
* When you have integrity, when you say something, the other persons know you mean it, and will do it without hesitation.
* When you understand we get paid by the value we bring to the marketplace
* When you understand in order to get more, we have to become more
* When you understand what we get in life is not whats important, it is what we become. The important question to ask isn't "what am I getting here," thats not important, what is important is "What am I becoming here"
* When you keep on working towards what you believe is important, even when it is not showing any results, we never give up, like an ant who works all seasons.
* When we realize we don't get what we want in life, we get what we deserve, we ask ourselves, "How can I begin the process of deserving good things or [fill in the blank]"
* When we put ourselves around things that make us feel happy
* When we feel absolutely great, every single day because of all of the opportunity that is available to us, the progress we've made, appreciating what we have today, and believing that the world is full of abundance.
* When you continue to study how to become more personally developed.

I could put more together but this is most of them, I'm proud that I have now understand theses principals and that 90% of those listed above were off the top of my head. This post has some depth in it to really take advantage of philosophies. Philosophies are the back-bones to success.

Everyone wants results in life, but how do you get results? Actions lead to results.

Actions >> Results

So you want results, you have to have the right actions. Actions are important, without the right actions, I'm sorry you won't get your results. Actions are the labor that produces fruits. So we need actions, the right actions, and to get the right actions, we need to think properly. We must really think before doing actions, any actions worth real value that is.

Thoughts >> Actions >> Results

So by selectively choosing our thoughts we can think the right course of action to take which will lead us to our results. So it is important to be able to think clearly and correctly. Imagine if you thought maxing out your credit cards was a good thing, you'd surely go into debt. But if you thought instead that investing 10% of your money was a good thing, your actions may be of an investor rather than a spender.

A lot of people will tell you knowledge is power, I disagree with that statement. Unapplied knowledge isn't power, it's just more knowledge, unapplied knowledge can't be power. Here is power, knowledge applied is power. So let's understand that in order to get results, we have to have the right actions, and in order to get the correct actions we need to have the correct thoughts that govern our actions. Make sense so far?

So we want to have the right thoughts in our mind, but how do we develop our thinking? There is actually something before thinking that most people don't understand, but we do, what precedes our thinking process is our philosophies about life.

philosophies >> thoughts >> actions >> results

If you don't have the right philosophies in life, you won't have the best results in life. Here's an example: If your philosophy was, "If I think I can, or think I can't, I'm right." You could encounter a huge problem, but because you believe if you think you can accomplish anything, you'll ask yourself, "How can I achieve this," you will find a way. You will try to find a way because you think you can, so your mind is working to find a way, and you will find a way, because you are searching for one.

Another philosophy would be, "well sometimes just aren't possible." With this philosophy of life, in the above problem, you will instead not even try to think of a way to achieve something. Your philosophy is wrong, you can't even think straight or productively, you kill your potential results because of your philosophy of not thinking you can accomplish that above task, whereas before, your philosophy was I can find a way, and would have better thoughts > actions and a final result.

Hope that makes sense:

The above are all examples of philosophies, a guiding way of living. So you are also personally developed when we understand that the art of exceptional living is understanding philosophies and having the right philosophies about life.

Have you heard this quote before, it is the same thing broken down.

Thoughts lead to actions, actions leads to habits, habits lead to character, and character leads to your destiny. - One thing leads to another. Your philosophies are the major determining factor of living a good life.

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