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MySQLDumper - a backup programm for MySQL-Databases
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MySQLDumper - a backup programm for MySQL-Databases

MySQLDumper a backup programm for MySQL Databases What is MySQLDumper ?

MySQLDumper is a backup programm for MySQL-Databases, written in PHP and Perl. You can dump your data into a backup file and if needed, restore it. Especially on shared hostings without access to shell-commands, MySQLDumper is a sensefull option.
The project is a OpenSource Project and is released under the GNU-Licenses.

How to add additional databases

MySQLDumper detects all databases the MySQL-user has access to. If you only "see" one database then your host creates an own user for each database. Since version 1.23 pre-release MySQLDumper can handle more than one MySQL-user via different configurations. That means you need to tell MySQLDumper the new user and the password by creating a new configuration.

You need to go to the configuration. Click "configfiles", enter a name for the new configuration and click save. MySQLDumper now creates a 1:1 copy of the current configuration. Look at the left menu and notice that MSD switched the configuration to the new one.
Now click "Databases", "Connection Parameter/Display on/off" and enter the host, the user and the password.
Hit "Save" and you are done. Now you can simply switch the user ( and database) by switching the configurationfile in the selectbox on the left.

This way you can even access different MySQL-databases on different hosts with different user. :)
Just add as many configfiles you need.


Tutorial : http://www.pragmamx.fr/Content-pa-showpage-pid-20.html

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