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6 Rules Of Success

The 6 Rules Of Success: A Powerful Formula For Fulfilling Your Dreams


“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” -- Winston S. Churchill


By Eric Taller, Creator of Thought Elevators


Jiro Ono, a sushi chef from Tokyo, is regarded as one of the best craftsmen in his trade.


He’s only ever worked on one job, and he’s been doing it longer than other people have been alive.


People all over the world know him. No less than former U.S. President Barack Obama once flew down to his restaurant to have a taste of his creations.


To get a reservation at his place, you need to book three months in advance – and he charges $300 a plate.


I learned all of this from a documentary on Ono that I recently watched, and his hardcore dedication blew me away.


Here’s a guy who totally immersed himself in his work, never whined about making mistakes, and lives for perfecting his craft.


And the result speaks for itself. I mean, you don’t get to the top of your game by messing around.

We all know how the Japanese are obsessed with perfection, and it got me thinking about the other traits that make someone successful.


Sure, dedication is one thing, but what are other pieces to the success puzzle?


The secret to getting it together


As a life coach, I teach people how to achieve their ultimate potential so they can get out there and take the world by storm.


It’s my job to help them undo years and years of negative beliefs about success, push them to overcome their personal boundaries…


…and finally enjoy the success that’s been eluding them for most of their life.


Now, these folks come from all walks of life, and they’ve all got a unique set of circumstances.

And after teaching thousands of my clients how to get it together, I stared to notice a pattern.


You see, no matter where they came from, or what level of education they have…


… they all developed a similar set of traits to help them succeed.


In my own experience, I’ve found that I basically had to do the SAME things before I could succeed in my own life.


And this is coming from someone who used to make peanuts at a soul-crushing, dead-end job. I was sick all the time and my personal life was a hot mess.


But after some soul-searching and a serious amount of research – along with hard-earned lessons – I came to live be a certain set of principles that got me through that tough time.


So today, I’d like to share my 6 Simple Tips To Getting It Right:


#1: Serve others


A big mistake a lot of people make while pursuing their dreams is living in a “looking out for number one” culture.


I’m not saying that we should all be philanthropists and fly off to save the rainforest, but there is something powerful about helping others along your journey.


In my own life, I’ve found that this approach to success is incredibly empowering and highly rewarding at the same time.


You see, I’m a big believer of the “what comes around, goes around” philosophy.


Sharing positive energy with other people around you breeds more of the same.


Doing this creates ripples in your world, and it really sets the stage for everything else to come.


And I can tell you for a fact that the goodwill you create eventually finds its way back to YOU.

It’s usually not in the same form, and you don’t know when it’ll be…


…but it always happens at the BEST time.


Ok, now you might be thinking, “Yeah, helping out other folks is great and all, but how does that make ME successful?”


Well, here’s the other thing – serving entails adding VALUE in this world.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, a painter, a Comic-Con cosplayer, a librarian or a trapeze artist.


If you’ve got something valuable to offer the world that improves people’s lives in some way, success is inevitable.


When you add value, people will beat a path to your door and practically beg you to take their money, I guarantee it.


#2: Keep at it and keep learning


I’m probably giving away my age by saying this, but the 90s song “Tubthumping” was my go-to anthem while I was going through the worst time in my life.


The lyrics were catchy as heck (as all pop songs are designed to be), and this line has always stuck with me:


“I get knocked/But I get up again/You’re never gonna keep me down”


It became my personal mantra because I learned the importance of keeping at it - especially when I was getting my butt kicked and felt like absolute crap.


I think there’s a rebellious appeal to pushing back when life gets tough.


And I’ve turned failure into a game where I go, “Ok, so that didn’t work…how can I do it better next time?”


If you can process your setbacks the same way, you’re not actually failing at anything.


You’re just trying for the umpteenth time until you get it right.


Before you make the perfect omelette, you’ll have to break a hundred eggs first.


#3: Focus is everything

Most people only pay attention to the glamorous side of success, which is all the cool stuff that comes with “making it”.


Having your 15 minutes of fame, expensive cars and a big house are all just the tip of iceberg. But underneath the surface is the boring (and even soul-crushing) part of success that folks don’t want to see.


All that icing on the success cake is basically a by-product of doing something over and over.


TED talk speaker Richard St. John once quoted Norman Jewison, an award-wining director about the matter: “(He) said to me, ‘I think it all has to do with focusing yourself on one thing.’”


In any given field of work, people will pay you top dollar if you’re really good at doing something very specific.


And that means a LOT of repetition, no matter what your “thing” is – it’s always been the way humans have learned to get better at something.


Sure, the methods have evolved and we’ve gotten it down to a science, but it’s essentially the same process of drilling it into your brain until it sticks.


If you’ve got your sights set on succeeding at something, you’ll have to put your nose down in it until it becomes second nature to you. There’s no way around it.


Bruce Lee said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.”


Let that sink in.


#4: Talent is overrated


Being naturally gifted at something is a nice advantage and there’s nothing wrong with that. But that will only get you so far if you want to play the long game.


Raw talent will certainly get you a leg up on the competition, yet it can act like a crutch in some cases.


In fact, a lot of experts don’t see talent as the true metric of success.


Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University, believes that it’s the amount of EFFORT that really counts, regardless of a person’s standing in life or the amount of talent they have.


She calls this the “Growth Mindset”, and people with this characteristic LOVE facing new, unfamiliar challenges.


They get a kick out of pushing past their comfort zone and learning something new...


…because they know it’s going to upgrade their skills and abilities.


They’re not necessarily the most talented bunch of people, but they keep moving forward anyway.


Soon enough, that talent they didn’t have at the beginning will catch up to them.

And this isn’t some abstract concept, either.


Dweck pointed out that people who put in the effort to grow and evolve literally become smarter over time.


Whenever they knock down a challenge, they learn from the experience…


…then it strengthens the connection between the neurons in their brain, making them fire better.


Also, Dweck cited a study of student performance in the U.S. which showed that underprivileged kids who were trained to develop their growth mindset shot to the top percentile in their region.


In one example, she pointed out a group of Native American students from a reservation, and they scored higher than everyone else - including the well-to-do kids.


If anything, effort is a great equalizer. This is something worth thinking about the next time you tell yourself that you’re not smart or talented enough.


#5: Stand on the shoulders of giants


Success doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the path to greatness is never walked alone.


Even Neo from The Matrix couldn’t have turned into The One without Morpheus and The Oracle.

He had to train and learn from the masters before he could unlock that power within him.


He needed to hear exactly what he needed to, and to come to terms with who he was…


…before he could become who he was meant to be.


If you think about it, every hero’s journey has a mentor figure, whether it’s Morpheus or Obi-Wan.


And in YOUR story, you’ll also find plenty of wise and benevolent folks out there who know “what’s what.”


They can show you the ropes, tell you how they screwed up and teach you how to be BETTER than them.


But remember, they won’t help you unless you ASK.


Whatever you’re trying to do now, chances are someone else has done it before. So you need to SEEK OUT these people, find out their story, and learn from it.


It could be someone you know personally, a famous figure from history, or an expert on the subject matter.


Either way, they have lessons to share with you, whether it’s through books, an online course or face-to-face.


People who struggle with finding success often forget just how abundant the world can be.


There’s way too many resources and information for you NOT to dominate whatever field you’re in. I mean it.


Go out and find these people, starting today.


Let their knowledge empower you - and their success inspire you.


Speaking of which, let me give you a related piece of advice: Cut out the toxic people from your life.


I’m talking about the Negative Nancys and Downer Daves that bring you down. They hate the thought of anyone getting ahead of them, so they’ll try to make you feel bad for trying.


This could be someone you work with, one of your friends, or a relative. Don’t let them fill your head with their static noise.


If they’re not supporting your dreams and pushing you to be your best, then STOP hanging out with them.


Find driven, positive and supportive people. They’ll celebrate your successes and lift you up when you stumble on your journey.


#6: Feed your subconscious


Most people fail before they’ve even started because of that inner critic in their head.


They have this running commentary on everything they do, they doubt their own talents and second-guess themselves.


The way negative-minded folks punish themselves is brutal.


As soon as they take a crack at something, or when a problem comes up…


…that voice inside tells them it’s pointless to keep trying.


And the worst part is that they don’t even know they’re doing this.


Their subconscious is so wired to assume the worst in any situation, that they end up quitting early or not trying at all.


They’ll usually have some excuse handy to relieve themselves of any responsibility.


Some of these might sound familiar:


“Of course he’s rich, his parents have owned that business for decades now! Average people like me don’t stand a chance of making it!”


“I’m not surprised she got that promotion I wanted…she’s BFFs with the bosses so obviously they picked her over me.”


“I don’t think I should take that course – it’s just too expensive and I’m too old to learn that stuff anyway.”


“I don’t have what it takes and I’ll just mess it up – so why bother??”


“I don’t really need to be successful. Who needs all that pressure anyway? I’m good right here, thank you very much.”


The danger of negative self-talk is that if you keep telling yourself something over and over, you’ll end up believing it.


And let me tell you, belief is both a powerful AND terrifying force in your life.


Unsuccessful people don’t understand how much of an impact the wrong beliefs can make in their lives.


There’s a book called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy which argues this part of your brain accepts beliefs as an honest-to-goodness fact.


When your subconscious subscribes to a certain belief, it’s going to do everything it can to make it happen in the real world.


It doesn’t matter if it’s actually real or not – your subconscious will treat it as REALITY.


And the cool part is you’ll unknowingly act this out in the real world.


What’s not so cool though is if your head’s full of negative thoughts…


…because you’re guaranteed to trip yourself up every step of the way on the path to success.


That’s how I was before. I’d set myself up to fail even before giving it a shot.


Then I’d ruminate over how rotten my luck was.


(Remember the examples of negative thoughts I gave you? That was basically me, not too long ago.)


But I found a way to reprogram my brain, so I’d be free of my destructive beliefs. And just like that, I got the way out of myself and became more successful than I could ever imagine.


One thing I did was get into meditation which helped me unlearn my negative thought patterns.


Essentially, it’s the act of sitting still and focusing on nothing else but your breathing.


This habit is meant to help you concentrate on the present - the here and now – to push out all those negative thoughts in your head.


Also, learning how to quiet your mind is empowering. Negative thinking is incredibly distracting, so meditation gives you the clarity to take action and move forward.


However, the problem I had was that I was meditating in the Alpha State – which most people do as well.


So at first, I was getting mediocre results from my meditation sessions.


Then I realized what I was doing WRONG - and why I couldn’t achieve that clarity and inner peace.


It turns out that there’s another type of meditation that a lot of people don’t know about…


…and it’s called Theta State Meditation.


As I discovered, it made ALL the difference.


It was like knocking something loose in my head. Just like that, I turned into a better version of myself.


Thought ElevatorsI became the person I was always meant to be, before all that toxic junk in my head got in the way.

And best of all, it was a simple exercise I did just THREE minutes a day.



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